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Complete List Password WiFi at Airports Worldwide

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Complete List Password WiFi at Airports Worldwide | WiFi has now become one of the compulsory facility almost everyone, especially for those who travel far. Yes, most of the traveler must need an internet connection for free when they take a break at the airport to avoid wasteful packet data.

But often, they hit a problem that is often experienced: do not know the WiFi password airports they visit. Well, if you are one of those who frequently pacing on a plane and often experience this, do not worry. Therefore, a traveler named Anil Polat create custom maps showing the WiFi password airports scattered around the world.

Polat, who claimed himself as traveler 'digital' summarizes all airports WiFi passwords by using Google Maps.

Complete List Password WiFi at Airports Worldwide
Men who work as bloggers are also working on a special application called WiFox, which can be downloaded to the user can see immediately WiFi airports to search in a map.

In addition to showing the WiFi password, Polat also displays how long the free WiFi connection that is used in certain airports. It also allows all the traveler to submit new information or updates about WiFi airports they visit.

Without elaborate further, the following list of WiFi airports scattered across the world, you can zoom in and click on the airport you want to visit to see the WiFi password.

For Offline Version please donwload WiFox at the following link:
iOS → http://apple.co/2b7BatI
Android → http://bit.ly/2dDeaaN

May be beneficial for you, the traveler

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