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5 Google Assistant Abilities You Should Know

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5 Google Assistant Abilities You Should Know | Along with Pixel's presence, Google also introduced a brand-new virtual assistant named Google Assistant. Although it was only available exclusively in Pixel, the presence of virtual assistants is quite stealing because it has a better ability than its predecessor, Google Now.

But Google was to answer the curiosity of most Android smartphone users. End of February 2017, the internet giant also ensured the presence of Google Assistant for Android users other than Pixel.

Although in the early stages not all users can feel because it is limited to users of English and German, it does not mean this virtual assistant will not be present in other countries. Google says other languages will be added in the next few years.
So, what are the actual capabilities of Google Assistant? For that, before this feature is present in more Android users, there's nothing wrong to know the 5 capabilities of this virtual assistant, as quoted from Make Use Of, Wednesday (26/4/2017).

5 Google Assistant Abilities You Should Know
  • Can Read News
    The little-known feature is that this virtual assistant can actually read news based on topics that users love and the preferences of their users. Uniquely, the topic read is really similar to someone reading the news, and not just speech-to-text.

    To activate it, you just open the Google app, then select Settings. Then go to Google Assistants, choose Settings and News. In this column, you can choose various sources that can be read the contents of the news.
  • Can Make Multiple Conversions
    Just like Google Search, you can also ask about a thing including converting in Google Assistant. Just say what you want to know, then Google Assistant will give you an answer.

    Some questions he answered were 'How many kilometers, 10 meters is it?' Or 'How many US dollars out of 6,000 Rupiah ?.' Not only that, users can know the time difference between two countries simply by asking a similar question.
  • Translating Sentences
    Not only Google Search, virtual assistant is also equipped with the ability Google Translate. Therefore, the user can ask Google Assistant to translate a word or phrase though.
    5 Google Assistant Abilities You Should Know
    For example, you can ask 'What is Spanish for Halo?'. Later, the results of the translation will be displayed on screen along with the actual pronunciation. 
  • Search for Files in Applications
    Google Assistant integration on a number of Google apps, enables this virtual assistant to search for files within the app. One of the applications that can take advantage of Google Assistant features is Google Photos.

    For example, you can ask them to open specific photos stored in Google Photos. You simply include a caption of the photo in question or the time of its capture.

    This virtual assistant can also read SMS from the Google Messenger app, but unfortunately this feature does not support third party apps yet.
  • Play Music and Video
    You can also ask Google Assistant to play music and videos from Google-owned services, such as Google Play Music and YouTube. The commands are pretty simple, like 'Play Daft Punk' or 'Play Daft Punk on YouTube'.

    However, this command can not be assigned for third-party applications. Therefore, you can not ask Google Assistant to play music from Spotify or videos from other services.

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