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For Tourists in Indonesia, Want Free Internet 2 Hours from SSID Wifi.id?

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For Tourists in Indonesia, Want Free Internet 2 Hours from SSID Wifi.id?
For those of you who are foreign tourists who are in Indonesia can try free internet tricks for 2 hours from Wifi.id Hotspot scattered almost throughout Indonesia. WiFi Id It is a publicly available wireless access point service in Indonesia, offering speeds up to 100 Mbps.

To enjoy WiFi ID, generally you have to use the voucher alias paid. Lazy buy a voucher and want it for free? Can, that is by following tips to connected with WiFi Id for free internet from alltutorials below.
Wifi id Voucher
By using this method, it means that every WiFi Id you can surf fast. Quite really for you who want to download-download like movies or games and others. More steps as follows .

Steps to Connect with WiFi Id for Free Internet

Step 1
First of all download the application and list first "LINE", you can download the application via the following link:

Step 2
Find the location of "WiFi Id" around you, or check its location via the following link:

Find the location of "WiFi Id" around you

Step 3
Connect to available wifi devices, then you will automatically be directed to "Welcome Page". Scroll down and look for "Banner Line", if found directly selected.

Banner Line

Step 4
You will be directed to login page, do "Login" with your LINE account.

Login" with your LINE account

Step 5
After login, select "Continue". Done, you can enjoy free WiFi Id internet for two hours.

This method will certainly be very helpful, especially for you the traveler in Indonesia which again the internet quota thin. Instead of not being able to internet, just dropped in to WiFi Id and try this way. Good luck !

Image : ShutterStock & LINE

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