10 Creative Ways To Improve Your Balcony

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10 Creative Ways To Improve Your Balcony | Who would not want to have an apartment which has a lovely balcony? certainly all want it. The balcony does not have to always be a place where you store the bike, winter tires, household things and other items. This area can be transformed into a real laid back and relaxed with a few simple tricks. Follow them and make the balcony of the best places in the house or your apartment!

1. Add Plants
Put your favorite plants all over the balcony to freshen the appearance. Use stylish pots for big plants and hanging pots for lighter ones. Also, get a vertical planter, that doesn’t demand much space. You can craft it out of a simple wooden pallet. Plants will add more privacy to your place in an attractive way. Just remember that gardening requires an effort, so don’t forget to take care of them.

Add Plants

2. Install A Balcony Bar Or A Table.
What a nice opportunity to enjoy a beautiful view from your balcony every morning while having breakfast! This is a great space saving idea that looks really stylish. A bar requires less space than a simple table with chairs so it’s a good idea even for smaller balconies. To save even more space, install a folding bar.

Install A Balcony Bar Or A Table

3. Comfy seats.
Create a relaxing seating area using big pillows, bag chairs or build bench seating. It looks sophisticated and doesn’t require much space yet accommodates many people. You can also craft a bench using cheap plastic containers, covered with reed fencing. Use your imagination!

Comfy seats

4. Lightning.
Smart lightning actually makes your balcony look different. We don’t usually think much of lightning our balconies. But if you’ve got plants on your balcony definitely try accent lighting. Make it a cozy and romantic place using fairy lights or candles. Just make sure these lights are made for outdoor use.


5. Flooring.
Most balcony floors are concrete and, let’s face the truth, they don’t look very attractive. But you don’t have to leave it “as is”. Make the place more homey and comfortable by decking the floor. Try decking squares that are very easy to install. Just purchase a set and latch them together.


6. Balcony Veggie Garden.
Want to get more benefits from your balcony? Organize a mini garden to grow vegetables! If you’re dreaming of growing your own natural and fresh products, but you live in an apartment, this idea is surely for you. Container vegetable gardening has its own benefits: easy and quick access to it, requires less space, safe for children, better protected from different pests.

Balcony Veggie Garden

7. A Hammock. 
Have no space to hang a hammock in your backyard or just need some privacy? You can still enjoy it at home! Make sure the railing in you balcony is sturdy enough, and then you can hang a hammock on them. With your balcony hammock you’ll become a fan of chilling, napping or relaxing with a book and good tea!

A Hammock

8. Install TV or Projector. 
Enjoy your fav TV shows and sport games in your chilling zone. Choosing a TV it’s better to consider the design of your balcony. Also, remember that the equipment should be waterproof (or wrapped) and designed for outdoor usage.

Install TV or Projector

9. Turn It Into Your Private Office
If you’re working from home or studying, here’s a perfect way to get more fresh air and sunshine during your busy hours! Get more green plants and flowers to improve the atmosphere in your working space. Install a foldable table for your laptop.

Turn it into your private office

10. Weatherproof Walls And Windows. 
You want your balcony area to be useful even when the weather outside is bad. It is important to make the balcony functional anytime by weatherproofing balcony walls, doors and windows. Install waterproof system to protect your place from too much sunlight, dust, rain or wind.

Weatherproof walls and windows
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