10 Tips To Protect Eyes From Radiation Computer Screen

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10 Tips To Protect Eyes From Radiation Computer Screen | The eyes are one part of the body that has a very important role for humans . Good eye condition is the dream of every person . We are born with normal eyes , but with age and the various activities in which we live , we started developing eye disorders such as eye minus and tired.

Minus the eye and eye disorders can be caused by other woods because you spent too long in front of a computer screen . This is due to electromagnetic wave radiation computer . In addition to tired eyes, a wave of radiation from the computer can also cause the view becomes blurred, dry eye, until the neck and shoulder pain.

10 Tips To Protect Eyes From Radiation Computer Screen

There are 10 tips that I will give to maintain the condition of your eyes to be free of the computer screen radiation, as follows :
  • Do Not Be Too Long Facing Computer
    Our eyes are not machines that can work for hours in a long time . Our eyes are made ​​up of cells that are complex , therefore we must give the eyes time to rest . At least once an hour staring at a computer screen , give them 10 minutes to rest the eyes .

    For 10 minutes , do not stare at a computer screen , but gaze at the surrounding environment or if there is a window, look at the plants outside the window. This helps to avoid eye damage.
  • Use The Filters
    One of the easiest ways for you to protect the eyes from radiation is to use a screen protector or so-called filter. This filter helps reduce wave radiation from the computer screen into the eye.
  • Keep Your Distance From The Eye to The Computer Screen
    As I stared at the computer screen, do not get too close because the distance is too close not only will damage your eyes but also can create tension of the neck, and backs stiffen. A safe distance between the computer screen with the eyes is between 45 to 60 cm.

    If you feel the screen is too small article you should use the option zoom in to enlarge the display, not even close your eyes to the screen to see the writing clearer.
  • Adjust The Position of The Screen With Eye
    While working in front of a computer screen, try to adjust your computer screen with the distance of the eye, not too high or too low.

    If the screen is too high, the intake air entering the brain will be disturbed. Vice versa, if the screen is too low will cause pain in the neck. So, should you position the screen at eye level or place it in a position of 16-30 inches from the eye depends on the size of the screen.
  • Adjust The Lighting Display With Eye
    Lighting settings that correspond with the eyes is very important, because the lighting is too dark or too light is not good for eye health

    The lighting is too bright will make the eyes glare , while the lighting is too dim can make the eyes work harder to see. It could also make the eyes tired.
  • Wink
    Turns wink it also has its own benefits for the tablets of our eyes. Lazy wink of the eye becomes dry so make less eye fluid intake. With a blink, the eyes will shed tears that will spread to the entire surface of the eye. These tears will make the eye moist and penghilatan always clear.
  • Consuming a lot of Vitamin A
    Vitamin A is a vitamin that helps maintain eye health. Vitamin A can you get by eating carrots. If you do not like to eat raw carrots, can try to drink juice with a combination of carrots and tomatoes .

    Another alternative is to try to make carrot as a raw ingredient for salad . Raw salads can you make with ingredients lettuce, carrots, onions, cucumbers, tomatoes, and carrots then add a little olive oil as a salad dressing .
  • Use Light Emitting Diode or LED Monitor
    Computers with LED monitor has a more modern technology, where this monitor requires only electricity in smaller quantities and also produce less radiation too.
  • Wearing Special Glasses Anti - Radiation For Computer
    According to the optometrist, Dr. Jay Schlanger this time there are companies who design special lenses to be used to work in front of a computer screen. This lens is divided menadi two parts, the upper part specifically to work in front of a computer screen, and the bottom to read.
  • Putting The Plant Near A Computer
    In addition to protecting the eyes or use protective screen to reduce radiation, it put the plant on a table close to the computer screen can help reduce computer radiation. For example by putting some cacti near computers, will help absorb some of the harmful radiation that enters your eyes.
Hope it is useful..!

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