10 Travel Destinations That You Should Visit Before They Disappear

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10 Travel Destinations That You Should Visit Before They Disappear | You might think these attractions will be around forever, but in fact these sights only have a lifespan of several years or decades longer. So, if you want to see these attractions please do so now so that you will not be disappointed when this place will probably disappear from the world.

Which tourist spots will disappear or vanish? please see below :

1. Glacier National Park – 30 Years Left 

Glacier National Park – 30 Years Left

If you visited the Glacier National Park a hundred years ago you would have seen more than 150 glaciers but today there are only twenty four. Experts estimate that by 2045 there will be none left so best go and visit this amazing place before they have all melted.

2. Taj Mahal - 2 To 5 Years Left

Taj Mahal - 2 To 5 Years Left

The Taj Mahal is India’s most famous tourist attraction but it is estimated to collapse within the next five years. The foundations of the palace relies on the local rivers for support but due to neglect and over use the rivers have dried up and weakened the building’s foundations. Also the deforestation of the surrounding trees has opened the Taj Mahal to attack from sandstorms and smog pollution which is also contributing to the deterioration of this magnificent building.

3. Madagascar – 35 Years Left

Madagascar – 35 Years Left

Madagascar is home to hundreds of specious of flora and fauna that is unique to the island. But due to major deforestation many of these specious of trees and plants will be gone forever. This will also end up destroying the local wildlife too.

4. Venice – 85 Years Left

Venice – 85 Years Left

The beautiful city of Venice is sinking into the sea and is recorded to have sunk by 9 inches in the last 100 years. When combined with rising sea levels it is estimated that the city of bridges will be lost by 2100.

5. Congo Basin – 25 Years Left

Congo Basin – 25 Years Left

Congo is home to the second largest rain forest in the world but due to mass deforestation it is rapidly disappearing. It is estimated that 10 million acres of forest are lost every year from human greed.

6. Alps – 35 Years Left

Alps – 35 Years Left

The Alps are a popular travel destination for people who love to ski and snow board but due to rising temperatures it is predicted that the snow will be gone within thirty five to fifty years.

7. Dead Sea – 50 Years Left

Dead Sea – 50 Years Left

The Dead Sea is another tourist hot spot but unfortunately it is evaporating faster than the River Jordan can fill it back up leaving behind salt crusted land. Due to the large amount of tourists that come here every year the government are trying to find a way to save the sea but if unsuccessful it will be gone within fifty years.

8. The Everglades – 40 Years Left

The Everglades – 40 Years Left

Florida’s Everglades are slowly drying up because of development and overuse. About 60% of the wetland’s water is redirected to the surrounding cities which has resulted in the Everglades being half the size it was a hundred years ago.

9. Seychelles – 50 Years Left 

Seychelles – 50 Years Left

The Seychelles is made up of 115 stunning islands which are so amazing they are a top tourist destination but the rising sea temperatures is killing off the coral reef which protects the islands from wave erosion. Unless drastic measures are taken the Seychelles islands will be under water within fifty years.

10. Great Wall of China – 20 Years Left

Great Wall of China – 20 Years Left

The Great Wall of China looks strong enough to last forever but unfortunately the vast amount of tourists that walk on the wall are destroying it. Combined with the large sandstorms attacking from the North means the Great Wall will not be able to stand for much longer. While the wall may still be around in twenty years it may have to be closed to the public.

Are you going to choose the place where the first tourist to visit ?
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