5 Reasons You Should Never Skip Breakfast

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5 Reasons You Should Never Skip Breakfast | Have you ever skip breakfast? probably because of rush or other reasons . if you 've read the tutorial below if you are still going to skip your breakfast ? There are 5 scientific reasons you may no longer leave your breakfast

1. Breakfast Helps You Pay Attention
There’s a reason why many schools offer their students the option of eating breakfast at school. Nutritionists have long been in agreement that eating a morning meal is crucial to a person’s ability to concentrate and learn, regardless of age. Blood sugar levels are low after the night-time, and a breakfast that features whole grains, proteins and high-fiber foods will sustain the steady blood glucose levels that our brains need in order to perform.

Breakfast helps you pay attention

Taking good care of your health is often just a matter of clarifying your priorities. With a bit of pre-planning, you can stir a quick high-protein breakfast into your busy morning mix, and benefit your family’s lifelong health with each new day.

2. Breakfast Supports an Active Lifestyle
People who eat breakfast simply have more physical energy, which leads them to get more exercise. Scientists in England found that breakfast-eating releases signals into the blood stream that indicate the availability of energy, motivating people to naturally become more active. So don’t skip breakfast.

Breakfast supports an active lifestyle

3. Protein In The Morning Helps You Avoid Junk Food
While eating any sort of breakfast will make you feel less hungry and more satisfied through the morning, a high-protein breakfast will extend these benefits throughout the entire day. An interesting article in Atlantic describes research in which people who ate a protein-rich breakfast of eggs, meat and/or yogurt were less likely to indulge in fatty snacks during the following evening. Special electronic testing showed that the brain-centers associated with cravings remained less active in these test subjects, so it was easier for them to “just say no.”

Protein in the morning helps you avoid junk food

4. It’s Important For Heart Health
A regular habit of skipping breakfast is shown to increase the risk of serious coronary heart disease by 27%, according to an important study by Harvard School of Public Health. The scientists examined the habits of over 26,000 men for 16 years, and they found a significant link between skipping breakfast and the incidence of heart attacks and deaths from cardiac problems. This linkage held up even after the researchers eliminated other risk factors such as smoking, overall nutrition, and physical activity.

 It’s important for heart health

5. It Lowers Your Risk Of Diabetes
The link between skipping breakfast and developing diabetes is mentioned in many research studies. The National Institutes of Medicine notes that eating breakfast is important for regulating your appetite during the rest of the day. Furthermore, over time this eating pattern can lead to insulin sensitivity, type-2 diabetes and high blood pressure, according to epidemiology researchers. The message? Don’t skip breakfast.

It lowers your risk of diabetes
So , would you skip breakfast you again ?
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