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Side Business Opportunities For Housewife | In this modern era can not be denied that most women still choose to work with a variety of reasons, ranging from makeup to buy their own, follow a lifestyle that is growing, to have a desire to help the household finances.

Unfortunately not all husbands allow his wife to work in an office. This is a consideration in order to focus on parenting wife. Then what about you who want to keep extra income but do not want to work in an office ? Here we will discuss a sideline business opportunity for housewives at home.

1. Online Shop
Online ShopOnline shop is a home-based business that can be done by anyone and do not need big capital. Enough has a smartphone, internet connection, and a connection supplier. Before deciding to open an online shop, it must first determine the type of item you want to sell and target markets you want. Whether it's the middle to lower or upper middle and social media also specify that you want to use as a selling tool.

Generally, if you use Facebook, target consumers who will you achieve is the middle to bottom, while the average instagram upper middle class. If you do not have enough capital to supply goods in bulk, one way you can do is use the system dropship or reseller. 

2. Freelance
Freelance is one job that is currently cultivated by so many young people or housewives. Due to being a freelancer allows you to have a more flexible and free. Some freelance work are much in demand is a freelance writer, translator, and programmers. You just need an internet connection and a laptop to become a freelancer.

Most freelancers acquire the project from his former boss, or former customers who need their services. Although this work as a freelancer seemed relaxed but you still have to have discipline in the work that you are doing so that the work can be completed before the deadline and in accordance with your working hours. 

3. Blogger Women
Blogger Women
Right now you can earn money just by blogging. A broad lot of housewives who became a fashion blogger, food blogger, or a beauty blogger. Being a blogger can begin to understand the hobbies and interests you want. Suppose you culinary hobby, then you should start to write about the topic of review of the food, how to cook food, and others .

As for you who like fashion can start a blog on the theme of fashion. Revenue from this blogging you have received in the form of affiliate marketing and advertising on your site. Or it could be from companies that want products you write. So that you continue to increase the number of visitors, use of social networking and also frequently update your blog content.

4. Business Sew
Business Sew
This business is very popular because many people like things that are not custom sold in the market in general, for example a business making custom curtains, baby blankets, custom comforters, pillowcases, doll dresses, accessories, and others. To engage in this business you have to have the sewing skills. If you do not have sewing skills but lacked ideas homemade goods, you can hire a tailor who can you pay per item or on a regular basis every month.

5. Boutiques
BoutiquesWhat woman does not love fashion? Shirt is one item that is very popular with women because women love to mutually style of dress in accordance with the existing fashion trend. By opening a boutique business you can design clothes as you want. To be able to design their own clothes you must have the expertise to sew. Currently, many sewing courses that you can follow as an investment.

If you do not want to design your own, you can use the system of supply of various clothing store reliable. You can supply goods from stores and then resell at your boutique with different prices. In this boutique business you have to be diligent promotion and have clear goals, such as young children or special woman hijab.

6. Laundry
LaundryLaundry arguably business is a business that requires relatively little capital and very promising, Especially if your house is close to the boarding area, offices or campuses. Because of the neighborhood lot of students and office workers who do not have time to wash and iron clothes.

Laundry business is currently very much at all , especially in big cities. If you really want to open this business, make sure the first target consumers, whether it is an employee, student, or household . After determining the target consumer, survey beforehand whether they are rivals in the location you so that you can determine the price and quality of the laundry properly. Or as starters you can try franchised laundry business where you only need to provide a place and initial capital.

7. Day Care 
Day Care
The number of parents who work but decided not to use baby sitter makes them choose child care as an appropriate means for working parents, like my wife did her thing in the morning when our son dropped off at daycare. This business is being developed at this time. Parents prefer day care because besides nurtured, children will be taught basic personality such as brushing teeth, eating right, and others.

This business has a long period of time because once you earn the trust of the parents of the child, they will decide to leave their children longer at you. In this business you need to employ a competent, not only personnel who are knowledgeable about the needs of children but also capable of providing education to children. It would be better if the space that you have quite extensive.

Maybe it was just kind of a side job that can be a housewife to do , see where the working conditions are not too onerous and could be handled simultaneously while keeping your baby.

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