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Tips For Back Sleeping Waking After Midnight

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Tips For Back Sleeping Waking After Midnight | Do you often wake up at midnight and can not sleep again ? According to some studies, it naturally happened. But, of course after midnight wake up, you have to go back to sleep in order to get enough sleep.

Tips For Back Sleeping Waking After Midnight

Here are tips you can do to get back to sleep after waking up at midnight , as quoted from metrotvnews.com
  • Do Not Turn On The Lights
    According to Director of the Sleep Medicine Center, Christopher, each light including light may stimulate the brain to be more vigilant. Therefore, when you wake up middle of the night and turned on the light, then you will be hard to fall asleep again.
  • Read
    Reading will help quickly to sleep. However, lamps used only reading light. Because even the slightest light will keep you awake. Remember, avoid reading and interesting reading, but prefer reading boring.
  • Avoid Playing Gadget
    Radiation electronic devices, especially mobile phones was not good. Instead of making you sleepy, you may be more awake all night.
  • Stay Down
    When you wake up middle of the night , do not stay long sitting or standing. Therefore, it could be the body interprets as an excuse to stay awake. Keep the body still lying on the bed.
  • Do Not Eat
    Eating does not mean to make you go back to sleep. Snacks will create a condition of the brain and body to stay awake in the morning. So, do not eat anything when you wake up middle of the night. Drinking water is not why.
  • Perform Relaxation
    This is a technique developed by doctors to reduce muscle tension by focusing releasing one particular muscle group at a time. The trick, take a deep breath and exhale slowly over several times. 
Hope it is useful..!

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