5 Ways To Lose Your Weight !

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5 Ways To Lose Your Weight ! | Who does not want to have the ideal body ? To my friend who wants to lose weight can follow pakling easy way because this is the way that we often forget when it is an activity that is very beneficial in weight loss.

1. Brush Your Teeth
Brush Your Teeth
Cleaning is good for your teeth but the majority of toothpastes are mint flavored and mint is 1 of the most well used appetite suppressants. Try brushing after every meal and you will find it stops you grazing on snacks in between meals!

2. Eat The right Amount Of Carbohydrates
Eat The right Amount Of Carbohydrates
A lot of fad diets include cutting out carbs but the reality is you need them in your life! One reason is that Carbohydrates are fuel, they convert to sugars and fuel your workouts, helping you to work out harder for longer. White carbs, on the other hand tend to spike your blood sugar and cause you to store fat, especially around your tummy, so wholegrain is definetely the way forward.

3. Exercise Alone Doesn’t Work
Exercise Alone Doesn’t Work
In addition you need a balanced diet. The golden rule of thumb is loose more calories in energy than you take in of food. Food is harder to burn off that you think , so if you want to loose weight you need to combine both a good exercise regime and strict calorie controlled diet.

4. Avoid Diet Supplements
Avoid Diet Supplements
This is the easiest tip of them all, and as an added bonus, it will save you money. There aren’t any diet pills that will work in the long term. They are just caffeine in a pill and speed up your metabolism for a short period of time. Save your money, buy spinach, brown rice, lean chicken, avocado and green tea instead – as these all have fat burning qualities.

5. Eat The Right Amount Of Protein
Eat The Right Amount Of Protein
Although there, are many conflicting ideas when it comes to a healthy diet, the fact of the matter is that unless you are wanting to build muscle, the golden rule is 1 gram of protein to every 1 pound of body weight. Remember that your body takes longer to digest protein so it keeps you feeling fuller for longer and the effort of digestion burns calories.

hmm .. I think it's just the easiest way to lose weight , as long as my friend did it routinely and regularly . Hope it is useful

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