5 Tips For Decorating The Home For The New Year

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5 Tips For Decorating The Home For The New Year | A few more days New Year 2016 is coming, what is your plan in the new year? already have plans going on vacation or just at home with your family. Well, if your new year at home, what if you redecorate your house?, who knows your home can be a base camp for the preparation for the new year 2016 with all your family and friends.

To redecorate your home to make it more interesting and fun during the celebration of the new year 2016, you can follow these 5 tips to redecorate your house so that this new year will be an unforgettable experience.
  • Store Unused Furniture
    Store Unused Furniture
    Starting with tidied every corner of your home, especially the spot which indeed would be a meeting. For example, the living room and family room. Not just clean, you also have to store unused furniture in the warehouse so that the room look more spacious. You can store display cabinet that is outdated in the warehouse or move into the chamber in order to invite more guests.

  • Ornamental Room With Trinkets 'DIY'
    Ornamental Room With Trinkets 'DIY'
    Ever heard the term DIY or Do It Yourself? The term is generally used to produce crafts or trinkets made from the results of his own creations. In order for your new year's eve at home festive, you can decorate the house with trinkets made himself. For example, utilizing newsprint to cut a triangular shape and hung on the front door or use old clothes that have been unused for processed into ornaments. Take advantage of your creative ideas optimally to obtain the results as desired decoration.
  • Change The Layout Of The Room
    Change The Layout Of The Room
    Change and arrange the room will give a different atmosphere. Especially if you want to provide a comfortable space for family and guests. It can be started by changing the position of the couch, change the layout of paintings and photographs to add size minimalist decor elements. for example, put a vase on the dining room table and living room.

  • Paint The Walls Were Dull
    Paint The Walls Were Dull
    If the wall of the family room and the living room you look dull, do the painting back. If you would not want your guests to find your home in a dull condition causing uncomfortable impression. Indeed repainting requires considerable cost, especially if the walls are painted quite a lot. In addition to buying tins of paint, you also have to set aside extra if you want to hire a handyman. So, paint the room was important and another room that could be handled by putting pictures of your child, or a large family photos
  • Fix Corner Damaged Homes
    Fix Corner Damaged Homes
    As the host, would like to present the best atmosphere for your guests. Neither of about food, cleanliness to comfort. All must be prepared to the fullest. Well, in case you need to pay attention to the condition of your home first. Are there any fatal damage, such as a leaky faucet or bathroom floor was crusty, you should fix it immediately. Because the bathroom is one space that is often used guests.

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