5 Ways To Improve The Speed Of The iPhone Performance

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5 Ways To Improve The Speed Of The iPhone Performance | Basically the device made by Apple, specifically its iPhone rarely experience performance problems or rarely feels slow or sluggish. But normally it could happen and it will begin to be felt when the iphone to get the latest update iOS system, so that hardware performance is sometimes constrained in implementing some new features.

If you have an iPhone or iPad is slow, here are five ways you can get the speed back like in the past when you bought it. Although the tips below are simple ways to improve the iPad or iPhone, you will see a remarkable improvement in its performance.

5 Ways To Improve The Speed Of The iPhone Performance

  • Reboot / Restart
    One simple way to overcome the slow iPhone is by rebooting or turning off and instantly revive your device. Her way is quite easy, you just need to press the home button or the Sleep / Wake button simultaneously until the screen changes color to black and then the Apple logo appears. When the Apple logo appears tersebuh then immediately release the button
  • Clear Cache
    IOS operating system has built-in applications safari that could be considered very good in cleaning the data is not used in the system, even though occasional users also need to clean up unused data manually.

    You should know that clears the cache periodically will make your device has more storage space, because the files are not too useful discarded.

    Here's how to clear the cache file in Safari
    1. Open Safari Browser
    2. Click the settings menu
    3. Open the Safari settings
    4. Scroll down arrow and select Clear History and Website Data
  • Remove Applications Rarely Used.
    Applications are rarely used it is actually taking storage space too, the selection of useful applications only and discard useless applications will affect the performance of your system. Thus, iPhone users would not hurt remove applications that are never used again. Eg games that have been completed you play.

    Here's how to easily remove unused applications on iPhone
    1. Press the icon of the application that wants to be disposed of on the home screen
    2. Hold and then immediately press the x button that appears.

    *Note : that when an application is deleted, the data stored on the internal memory of the application you will also be lost.
  • Turning Off Unused Features
    iPhone with iOS 8 has many useful features for users, one of which is Background App refreshes. Some applications may sometimes not be removed from the device, even if the user does not wear it, Background App refreshes feature could serve to disable the annoying notifications of such applications.

    Here's how to turn off features that are not used anymore in iPhone
    1. Open the Settings menu
    2. then navigate to the features General Background App refreshes
    3. and select the application that you want to disable one by one.

    A few easy tips to speed up the performance of the iPhone is slow or slow, may be useful to you, see you in the next web journal tips.
  • Do Not Upgrade Your iOS
    Stop upgrade to the latest version of IOS. Although it is good practice to upgrade your OS, but each new version of IOS that became available require more system resources than the preceding. This is because the newer version is designed for new models of iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. Just because a new version is available does not mean you have to download. For example, download a version of iOS 5 on iPhone 3GS will dramatically slow down the device. If your device is more than one year or older, it's probably time to stop the operating system upgrade.
I hope this helps...!

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