7 Secrets of Educating Children of Ustadz Farid Ahmad

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7 Secrets of Educating Children of Ustadz Farid Ahmad | For most new parents who have children especially, may not know the following things in educating their children. Here are 7 Secrets of Educating Children of Ustadz Farid Ahmad that I recommend to do every day with the kids.

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My Little Girl
  1. If you see your child is crying, do not waste time trying to silence her. Try to show a bird or a cloud in the sky so he sees it, he will fall silent. Because human psychological moment to cry, is down.

  2. If you want your children to stop playing, do not say: "Come on, already played it, stop it now!". But say to them: "Play is 5 minutes away so dear."
    Then remind you again: "Two minutes left the nest." And then say: "Come on, play time is up". They will stop playing.

  3. If you are in front of a group of children in a place, that they are noisy and rowdy, and you want to warn them,
    Say: "Lets .. Who wants to hear my story, lifting his hand ..". One would raise their hands, then followed with children the other, and everything will be quiet.

  4. Tell the children at bedtime: "Come to bed dear .. tomorrow morning we pray the Fajr", then their attention will always be to the afterlife. Do not said: "Go to sleep, tomorrow's school", finally they did not dawn prayer because his attention was the world.

  5. Enjoy your children's childhood, because the time will pass very quickly. Innocence and childish they will not be long, it will be memorable.
    Play with them, laugh with them, becandalah with them. Be a little time with them, teach them in a way that fun while playing.

  6. Leave Handphone momentarily if possible, and also turn off the TV. If there is a friend who called, saying: "Sorry, I'm busy assisting children". All of this does not lead to the collapse of your authority, or the loss of personality. The wise man knows how to balance everything and control of children's education.

  7. Also, do not forget to pray and plead to God, so that our children become jewelry is made, either in this world or the next.
Hopefully this is useful for us all, if you like with this tutorial please be shared.

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