6 Mistakes That Most Do While Hiking

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6 Fundamental Error Often Do When Hiking | A climber must have excellent physical resilience, but more importantly is the climbers should have more intelligence. This intelligence is important that climbers do not do fundamental mistakes that should not happen. Many losses, both material and physical, which occur as a result of a climber does not have the intuition and intelligence to read the state of nature.

6 Mistakes That Most Do While Hiking

As quoted from cleverhiker.com, Saturday (16/07/2016), here are some little things that often do the climbers, who often fatal and self-defeating.
  • Cooking at In Tents
    Cooking in a tent appears to be a convenient idea, especially when the weather is wet. But there are consequences to consider when you decide to turn on the stove inside the tent. In addition to risk burning your own tent, cooking in the tent closed will cause you to smoke poisoning of carbon monoxide. If you do have to cook in the middle of the wet weather, use the front of the tent, and make sure plenty of ventilation in the vicinity.
  • Letting Sleeping Bag Wet
    This is a fundamental error that often do novice climbers. Let sleeping bag wet and damp is the little things that bring great risks. In addition you will not be able to use it for sleep, sleeping bag wet would be very heavy to carry.
  • Wear shoes low quality
    To look stylish does not need to be expensive, but that does not mean you have to use the goods "imitation". Not infrequently the climbers who suffered abrasions on the back of his leg rubbed shoe materials are hard and stiff. Wounds that appears small indeed, but it is certainly going to disrupt your step on the way due to the pain that appears.
  • Packing Too Much
    When you decide to climb the mountain or browse, convince yourself to not only expect a comfortable feeling like at home. This is a trivial thing that is often forgotten novice climbers, so they almost carry all the items for the sake of convenience. Convenience is important, but that does not mean you have to carry too much. Default is too much wrong plus packing system will be difficult for you and cause you injury.
  • Set up tents in the Wrong Places
    This is a fundamental error that often occurs due to laziness make observations before erecting the tent. Before setting up a tent, a climber needs to examine which direction the water go when it rains. Do not let time awake and rain, the tent that you wake up already above the lake. Not only that, the slope of the land is also important that you become more comfortable sleep.
  • Not having Navigation Skills
    While climbing the mountain if you know how to read a map and use a compass? Do you know what to do when you tap the wrong way and got lost in the woods? Do you know how to maximize the signal to be able to find someone else when lost? If you do not know about those three things, you're putting yourself in a position that was terrible. Each climber and backpacker should know about basic navigation knowledge.
That's Six Fundamental Error Often Do When Hiking, may be useful for you.

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