8 Benefits of Bananas for Your Body

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Benefits of Bananas for Your Body | The banana is easily available at an affordable price. Bananas are usually used as a dessert. This fruit contains a variety of vitamins and minerals such as vitamin B complex, vitamin C, calcium, potassium, magnesium, iron and phosphorus.

Not only that, bananas are also strongly felt for pregnant women to help the development of the fetus because it contains nutrients folic acid and potassium are also very good for your health. Here I give a little information about some of the benefits of bananas for our bodies.

Benefits of Bananas for Your Body

  • Energy sources
    In the bananas are carbohydrate serves as a source of energy for the body. The benefits of bananas as a source of energy and also boost the immune system can sense by eating two bananas a day.
  • Contains many vitamins and fiber
    Bananas contain potassium, which reached levels of 400 mg in a medium-size banana. Therefore, these bananas are also highly suitable for maintaining heart health.
  • Reducing weight
    The benefits of bananas for weight loss is indeed proven to be very effective. Why is that? this is because bananas contain calories with a relatively small amount, so if you have problems with your weight, then you can try the benefits of these bananas as a natural diet program as you.
  • Overcoming the problem of acne
    A simple way to deal with acne with bananas is to destroy the fruit is ripe. After that, apply a banana that has changed as the pasta to the acne. Leave for about 10-15 minutes then rinse with clean water. Perform routine every day so that you get the benefits of these bananas to the fullest.
  • Overcoming diabetes
    Typical banana Gorontalo area known as the goroho, often consumed by steaming and added with grated young coconut. It is used by diabetics as a food supplement for reducing diabetes problems they suffer.
  • Smooth the skin
    Efficacy of bananas next is to smooth the skin rough and dry. How to use it quite easy just like using a banana for acne. First of all the meat mash a banana and add a little honey and used as a facial mask natural and nutritious. For those of you who have problems of dry and rough skin you can try the efficacy of these bananas so that your skin becomes smooth and seamless. Read More : 10 Benefits of Tomato For Health and Beauty
  • Set the amount of liquid to be balanced
    Our bodies are made up of fluid that needs to be met in a balanced manner. With a body fluid enough and balanced the performance of the organs will be smooth. The content of potassium found in bananas is perfect to help balance fluid levels in the body.
  • Overcoming ulcer disease
    Banana contains acidic substances very nice antidote to relieve pain from an ulcer. The banana is very suitable as a solution in overcoming ulcer disease classified as serious if not treated promptly.
Similarly, a review of some of the benefits of bananas for our health. Eating bananas will make us healthy by fulfilling the intake of nutrients and vitamins in the body. Take care of the health of our bodies as healthy is expensive

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