List of Favorite Travel Destination in Asia 2016

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List of Favorite Travel Destination in Asia 2016 | Long holiday is over, but what you guys were all the favorite tourist attractions in Asia? The world's favorite tourist destinations are now assessed based on data quantity and quality of the reviews and ratings, including at hotels, restaurants, and attractions that exist in the various tourist destinations in the country, collected over the last year.

Interestingly, among so many world tourist destination, Ubud (Bali, Indonesia), along with Siem Reap and Hanoi, listed as a favorite tourist destination of Southeast Asia TripAdvisor version. In response to this, the Minister of Tourism of Indonesia, Arief Yahya said, "which became the hidden paradise of Ubud in Bali, is now the world's favorite tourist destinations. More than just a tourist destination that should be visited, Ubud is also a source of peace for all those who are interested to explore it further. "

Meanwhile, Director of Communications for TripAdvisor, Janice Lee Fang said, the movement of Asian travelers will be seen in June to August, for it now is the right time to book trips, before all prices, including tickets and hotel, to rise.

The following 6 Most Favorite Tourist Destinations in Asia in 2016 according to TripAdvisor version:
  • Siem Reap, Cambodia
    Siem Reap, Cambodia
    Siem Reap is a lovely charming city with a touch of the ruins of the ancient city. Siem Reap is a tourist destination complete with natural beauty coupled with a modern hotel that features a variety of entertainment venues. Enjoy the view of the sunrise at Angkor Wat and witness the stunning beauty of the Bayon Temple is a travel experience that can not be forgotten. 
  • Hanoi, Vietnam
    Hanoi, Vietnam via booking.com
    Old City of Hanoi famous buildings with art-deco style architecture scattered throughout the city. Hanoi La Siesta Hotel & Spa is one of the city center with the most positive reviews on TripAdvisor. From this hotel, every traveler can explore the rich culinary wealth vietnam. 
  • Ubud, Bali, Indonesia
    Ubud, Bali. (indosurflife.com)
    Ubud is a favorite tourist destination for those who want to escape from the hustle of Bali. Ubud is more than a tourist destination, from this location you can watch the local knowledge of local residents, art galleries, and museums simultaneously. Although very traditional, in Ubud there are also many resorts at a price that would fit in your pocket. 
  • Bangkok, Thailand
    Royal Grand Palace merupakan salah satu spot wisata terkenal di Bangkok yang dibangun pada tahun 1782 dimana selama kurang lebih 150 tahun merupakan rumah dari Raja Thailand. Foto diambil pada 13 Agustus 2015
    Bangkok is one of the busiest metropolis in the world. However, Bangkok remains the ideal travel destination for tourists. Tourist attractions are diverse culinary rich to make Bangkok has always been a favorite tourist destination in Southeast Asia, in addition to Indonesia. 
  • Hong Kong
    Hongkong at MidNight
    Not complete it if not put Hong Kong into a favorite tourist destination in Asia. According to TripAdvisor, Hong Kong is a tourist destination that is equipped with a variety of luxurious amenities. This luxurious amenities combined with stunning natural beauty, one of which was the sunset at Victoria Park. 
  • Tokyo, Japan
    Mount Fuji graffiti reads' CLA-X INDONESIA
    Tokyo always in the forefront of technological innovation. However, Tokyo does not abandon its culture and traditions. Walk in Asakusa or visit Tokkyo Skytree is an activity that can be done in Tokyo. For those of you are having trouble finding lodging, Imperial Hotel Tokyo is one of the innkeepers who always gets positive reviews from TripAdvisor users.
Are you a long holiday yesterday in one of the top tourist spots in asia?

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