Tips For a BBM on Android No Longer Slow

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Tips For a BBM on Android No Longer Slow | Are you the BBM app for Android? If yes, you must be aware of BBM for Android app is pretty much takes up RAM. This makes your Android smartphone performance becomes slow. Then, how to deal with it, whether to remove (uninstall) application? it is not necessary, There are easier ways to do that BBM for Android you can run more smoothly.

Please follow the steps below :
1. Clear Data and Cache in the BBM app for Android
This method is not only serves to BBM app for Android, but also a variety of other applications. Especially if you use the Android smartphone has a RAM capacity is limited.

How to? To clear the cache and data in the application, is quite easy. You only need to go to Settings, select Applications, and then select Application Manager, and select BBM.

Next, you will enter information into the application of BBM. In the storage section, choose clear data or clear the cache to delete data that is unused.

Clear Data and Cache in the BBM app for Android

If you choose to clear the data, the consequence is that you are automatically signed out of the application of BBM. To be able to re-use it, you just need to sign in BlackBerry account ID (BBID). Therefore, you should remember well what email address you used when you first sign in.

In addition to automatically sign out, so made it into BBID, you also lose the chat history and recent updates. That does not matter, because the BlackBerry Messenger contacts will remain.

To prove it, you can compare the data space or cache at the time before and after the data clear clear data.

For example, when I have not chosen a clear data, the total recorded data at 92,41MB. After cleaning, be 66,32MB. In the cache, prior to cleaning 3,59MB, whereas after the clear cache into 512KB.

Before and after the clear cache.
2. Use Default BBM First Theme
BBM users sometimes happy to customize their profile in order to display more attractive, for example by changing the theme of the fuel. And this makes smartphones so slow. Therefore, you must restore the original theme fuel you.

If you change your account with the theme APK file, you only need to remove your BBM application. Furthermore, re-download the BBM app for Android from Google Play Store, and sign in again BBID.

However, it should be noted that you should remember the email address and password that you use to BBID you.

3. Remove groups or contacts Not Important
Perhaps one of them because you mostly BBM contacts or groups. Most instant messaging application did so more slowly because most of the group.

For example, the group BlackBerry is often used to sell and distribute the images. If you did not want to be in that group, better leave the group. Smartphone you will be able to work more quickly.

4. Change the settings as needed BBM for Android
BlackBerry Messenger lets users inform each other are listening to any song in the status BBM. Apparently this is also contributing to make BBM app for Android so much slow.

For that, change the settings BBM for Android becomes only as needed. For example, you do not need to show the country and the time, the songs you listen to, to know what song you listen to other users, and others.

Select settings in BBM for Android to suit your needs

The trick is to go into BBM for Android app, then select the three strips on the left side BBM and select Settings. Then you can set any settings that you want.
Hopefully the above tutorial helpful and make your BBM application is faster and does not slow anymore

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