10 most Popular Independence Day Celebration in the World

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10 most Popular Independence Day Celebration in the World | Independence Day is the day we should celebrate with great emotion and pride in the struggle that has been done by our predecessors to seize victory in the fight against the invaders. Today we will discuss some of the unique tradition in some countries in celebrating Independence Day. 

these traditions in some countries could be the addition of foreign exchange by the many tourists who come to witness traditions and how the process is carried out in the country's independence celebrations. must be different is not it?

Following 10 most Popular Independence Day Celebration in the World ;
  • INDONESIA - August 17
    INDONESIA - August 17
    In the morning, the eyes of all the people of Indonesia are in the National Palace, where a solemn flag-raising ceremony held in honor of the republic. School students from across the country selected carefully by the government to conduct a flag raising heirloom. Immediately after the ceremony, people usually go to the streets to see the culture parade and enjoy music concerts.

    Which become a tradition: The traditional competitions held to commemorate the day independence was. One of the famous race is climbing a tree areca. People are challenged to climb a tree areca oil that has been smeared with hopes for gifts that had been placed at the top. Climbing symbolizes the struggle of the Indonesian people to achieve independence from the colonialists.
  • AUSTRALIA - January 26
    AUSTRALIA - January 26
    Festivals, concerts, family gatherings, picnics and barbeques are typical celebration conducted by Australians to remember the first protest of the British flag at Sydney Cove. That's a tradition: Every major city in Australia has its own unique way of celebrating national holidays. Sydney did it with the world famous boat race. Perth with a colossal fireworks show. People Maretnya Melbourne event to celebrate the diversity of the nation. During that time, people were walking along with colorful costumes to celebrate the unity of Australia. Throughout the country, many held concerts in various genres.

  • PERU - July 28 to 29
    Peru - July 28 to 29
    One day is not enough for the people of Peru to celebrate their independence day, so that they dedicate two days. The first day of July 28, where Jose de San Martin proclaimed the independence of Peru. The second day of July 29, in which Peru hosted the celebration in honor of hoisting the national armed forces and police.

    Which become a tradition: people arrived early in Miraflores, Lima city center. There is a parade of people wearing colorful costumes accompanied by the strains of an energetic beat of the drum.
  • UKRAINE - August 24
    UKRAINE - August 24
    Yellow and blue adorn buildings across the country, creating a festive atmosphere. The streets will be filled with people dressed in traditional costumes of Ukraine. Celebrations began on August 23 with the term Day Flag (Flag Day) to commemorate the first national flag-raising ceremony in 1990. On the morning of August 25th, the celebrations in the capital marked by the service at the Cathedral of St. Sophia in Kiev attended by the President of Ukraine.

    That's a tradition: People wear Vyshyvanka (Ukrainian traditional clothes) and joined the crowd in the streets of Lviv, a Ukrainian culture. Shopping for traditional goods Ukrainian in Rynok Square, before proceeding to the international folklore festival featuring a variety of performing arts and the annual exhibition and bazaar delicious traditional food.
  • FRANCE - July 14
    FRANCE - July 14
    Each year, the French celebrate the independence of the tyranny of government repression on July 14. The celebration was marked by a parade on the Champs-Elysees milliter. Traditional military parade to commemorate the great day of independence has become an inspiration for other countries.

    Which become a tradition: a military parade and fireworks become a mandatory ritual for French citizens. Try something unique, people attending one party held the firefighters. This is a new tradition in France, where the fire station open their doors for people to dance, drink and sing together. Firefighters using their uniforms and often they performed live to entertain visitors.
    A flag-raising ceremony traditionally performed to celebrate Arraw ng Kalayaan in the Philippines. Vacation on the day dedicated to strengthen ties with the family. Filipinos hold a dinner meal, with family and friends to commemorate the day when Emilio Aguinaldo Philippines declared independence from Spanish rule for centuries.

    • KOSOVO - February 17
      KOSOVO - February 17
      The debate over the legitimacy of the government's inability to prevent the Kosovo Albanians in this youngest European country to proudly celebrate the anniversary of the separation of Kosovo from the Serbian state. Earlier this year, a raucous festival has taken place in the capital, Pristina, where there is a parade of police and armed forces around like when the Kosovo war. Pristina, the capital city is the center of the celebrations. People from across the region gathered together in Kosovo Newborn Monument, to commemorate the independence of Kosovo.

      That's a tradition: Playing traditional spread across during a celebration, because music is the heart of the celebration of Independence Day. Because more than 90% of the nation of Kosovo are ethnic Albanians, music is influenced by many Kosovo Albanians.
    • MEXICO - 16 September
      MEXICO - 16 September
      Contrary to popular belief, Cinco de Mayo is not a celebration of independence day. The Mexicans celebrate kemerdekannnya in September to commemorate the Grito de Dolores - events of the battle cry for freedom uttered by Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla, serorang Roman Catholic priest from the small town of Dolores. Across the country, the celebration was marked by a parade, concerts and parties.

      That's a tradition: The celebration begins on the evening of September 15 across the nation. In Mexico City alone, the center of festivities in the Zocalo, one of the largest city square in the world, more than half a million people gather every year. Mexican President traditions will be present to make a call patriotism, and was greeted with yells "VIVA!" all the people who had gathered in that place. In the end, the spectacular fireworks will light up the night sky.
    • GHANA - March 6
      GHANA - March 6
      Ghana is the first country to independence in the Black Continent. He gained its independence from British rule in 1957. Today Ghana commemorate the historic event every year with a parade and a parade around while lighting fireworks. But the celebration is not complete without a street party and congestion, a unique tradition Ghana.

      That's a tradition: Street party is often not enough. Ghana People often have a party on the beach. The coastal area celebrate independence day at the beach with music and dance hip hop. There is also a regatta held hereditary in the fishing village area Shama.
    • INDIA - August 15
      INDIA - August 15
      On August 15, 1947, British rule over India for three centuries has ended. Every year millions of people in India to commemorate the historic event to decorate their homes, offices and schools with Indian flag colors. Residents attended the morning ceremony, where they sang the national anthem and the national flag respectfully. The celebration is also a time when families gather to watch the annual flag ceremony, broadcast live from the Red Fort in New Delhi.

      That's a tradition: For the citizens of India to fly the kite is to be a symbol of freedom. All over the country, the sky was decorated kites countless of various shapes and colors were flown in from the roof. Colorful day is a good time for a picnic outside. Kite easy to find during the holiday season in India.

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