List of Best and Worst Food Consumed Before Bed

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List of Best and Worst Food Consumed Before Bed | Have you noticed that the food eaten before bed can affect sleep at night? Well, how to know which foods are good or bad to eat before bed? Listen here to her menu, as reported from purewow.com, Wednesday (03/08/2016).

► Foods to avoid before bed :

List of Best and Worst Food Consumed Before Bed

  • Anything that tasted spicy
    Spicy foods will cause stomach acid leads to inconvenience you while resting at night. The best time to eat spicy food is during the day.
  • Bacon
    Bacon is a combination of high protein that will cause problems in digestion. In addition, the bacon is also high in fat which can encourage acid production.
  • Hard cheese
    Hard cheese or old cheese usually usually tyramine, an amino acid that may promote extra activities to the brain. This will certainly make you more difficult to sleep. Why not eat cheese at breakfast?
  • Chocolate
    Before you use it, remember that chocolate contains caffeine, plus a chemical commonly called theobromine, a stimulant also.
  • Ginseng tea
    Tea is the best thing you can drink before bed. However, if this ginseng tea, it has the effect of energy, so instead of making you fall asleep, you will actually full of energy.

► The food that can be enjoyed before bed :

List of Best and Worst Food Consumed Before Bed

  • Milk
    Apparently, there is a benefit from the ritual of drinking warm milk before going to bed. For best results, combine milk (contains tryptophan which can induce sleep) with carbohydrates (slow digestion).
  • Nuts
    Almonds and walnuts contain a wide variety of nutrients to encourage the production of serotonin and melatonin. In addition, both types of nuts are a delicious dessert that is also nutritious.
  • Jasmine rice
    Jasmine rice containing a higher glycemic index than grains other. Perhaps your blood sugar will slightly increase, but will immediately make you sound asleep.
  • Cherry juice
    The sugar content in the fruit juice may prevent you from enjoying it, but cherry juice can boost the production of melatonin.
  • Mint tea
    Mint leaves can produce lactucarium, which is a substance that has a mild sedative effect.
We wish you could be more wisely in selecting food at night before bed (^)

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