Tutorial How to Apply Become a Publisher Media.net

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Tutorial How to Apply Become a Publisher Media.net | Media.net company's online advertising business Yahoo-Bing (Microsoft) Networks such as Google AdSense ads that brings the Advertiser and publisher with the system CPC (Cost Per Click) and CPM (Cost Per One Thousand Impression). Media.net had a positive response from the Adsense publishers as the best alternative. There are also saying that the $ produced from Media.net greater than adsense.

  • Go to: http://www.media.net/invite
  • Fill out the registration form and click the SUBMIT
  • Then wait for an email from Yahoo Bings Networks Media.net
Acceptance or rejection will depend on whether your site and your content is eligible. Requirements are complete can be seen below. However, even if he is less qualified, nothing wrong you try too who knows his survey team again mistaken. (^)

Based on personal experience, today I received a publisher Media.net and for example ad you can see at the end of the posting.

Tutorial How to Apply Become a Publisher Media.net

Payments will be made if earnings or revenue earned in this month reached a minimum of $ 100 (one hundred dollars). Payment can be via Paypal or Money Transfer. 

Terms register as a publisher Media.net are as follows:
  • Using English as the main language of the site.
  • Contains high traffic and quality content.
  • The majority of traffic comes from the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. 

  • Containing pirated software like warez, Torrentz, cracking, hacking, phreaking, and other illegal downloads.
  • The site contains free hosting.
  • Site without content, under construction, parked pages.
  • The contents contain a ploy to deceive search engines.
  • Sites that divert traffic from the site to other sites.
  • Misuse of the internet such as sending spam or spyware wear.

  • Adults, pornographic or illegal contents.
  • Smoking, alcohol, ammunition, hazardous materials, drugs, violence, gambling and SARA.
  • Fill the offending sites other groups.
  • hatred, racial intolerance, insulting groups or individuals, organizations.
  • Sale and purchase of medicines.
  • Sale and purchase of counterfeit products, imitation designer or other goods, items stolen or any products that infringe intellectual property rights of others.
  • Contains programs that promote invalid click activity by paying users to click on ads, reaching the site and read emails, etc.
  • site or blog in the form of forums, discussion, chat open to the public without moderation contribution correct.
  • Site stuffed or generated taking the computer program.
  • The main content of the site based on user contributions (user generated).
  • The contents of the other sites deemed illegal by media.net team.
So that I can write about How to Apply become Media.net Publisher, Please register and generate a lot of dollars.

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