Tutorial How to Get Alexa Ranking with PHP

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Tutorial How to Get Alexa Ranking with PHP | Alexa is a website information provider sites are fairly well known and popular. Alexa provides traffic information such as the website, review, the number of backlinks and more.

The most important information is the Alexa data can be used to measure the rankings or ratings and the popularity of a website because it gives Alexa ranking globally and locally. Until now ranking issued by Alexa is still very accepted by Internet users, although there are some who consider Alexa rank is less relevant as a reference.

The smaller the lift issued by Alexa on a website, then it will get better. Conversely when a very large number that appears This indicates the lack of good ranking website and visitors can be still a little bit.

For websites that have the highest rank in Alexa is currently Google to rank first, while websites like Detik.com time this article was rated 195 we create the world, and number 5 in Indonesia. While alltutorials.info website you are reading this just was rated the world 432.897 and 9.468 in Indonesia.

Tutorial How to Get Alexa Ranking with PHP
How to know the Alexa ranking in PHP

It is really quite easy to find out the Alexa ranking of the website directly, stayed write the website address will be out the numbers. But when you create a web application that want to display Alexa website ranking then you need to write a bit of code, on this occasion we will discuss a little how to obtain and display the Alexa ranking in PHP.

Create a PHP function to check the Alexa ranking.

To use live call these functions to include a website URL address or domain that you want to check, please change the existing url into your web url in the sections below
echo "Ranking Alexa Alltutorials.info adalah: ".AlexaRank('alltutorials.info');

The final result
For the result is a number that becomes the Alexa ranking of the website, you can see the demo or just download the script above if you want to try on your computer.

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