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How to Transfer Files Between cPanel Web Hosting with Fast Without Download | Sometimes when we move large files from one cPanel hosting to other hosting Cpanel, normally we would do a backup or when we want to migrate from the old to the new hosting hosting.

Manually usually we will download a file from the old hosting prior to our personal computers, and then after it had uploaded to the new hosting server. There is a process of downloading and uploading there, and the loss is too many processes that do it will take quite a long time, especially if your home Internet connection is not good. Besides this way can also spend quotas when internet download and upload process if you use internet package with a limited quota.

This tutorial may be a solution to your problem that. Because this way you can transfer files quickly between hosting, do not spend time, not spending internet quota, because the resource that we use is only hosting server hosting each course.

How to Transfer Files Between cPanel Web Hosting with Fast Without Download

Logically, we ordered a new hosting for downloading files from the old hosting.

► How to transfer files between cpanel hosting with fast 

In the old hosting
  • Login to cPanel hosting old
  • Compress once all the files you want to transfer into one file, for example http://www.OldDomain.com/FILE_MY_WEB.zip
In the new hosting
  • Login to cPanel hosting new
  • Create a PHP file with the name move.php
and write down the following script
/* Retrieve files from the old hosting*/
/* Files can also be taken from a particular IP */

$content = file_get_contents("http://www.OldDomain.com/FILE_MY_WEB.zip");

/* Save the file in a new hosting, in the desired folder */
$fp = fopen("/home/u86427JWEB/public_html/http://www.OldDomain.com/FILE_MY_WEB.zip", "w");

fwrite($fp, $content);
The function of the script above will read files from the old hosting and move it to the location of a specific folder in the new hosting server. Seen there we took the file from OldDomain.com. You also can take the file from its IP, for example 201.12.128.xxx (adjusted).

Once the file is read the script above will automatically download and save files in the specified folder (/ home / u86427JWEB / public_html /).

For u86427JWEB folder names can vary, depending on which is provided by the hosting, so please feel free to change your hosting folder.
  • Run in the browser address bar the following address:


    Just waiting for the transfer process is completed, the transfer speed depends on the speed of the old and new server computer.
  • Check the public_html folder on the new hosting, files that you transfer should have been available in a few minutes.
Additional information:
To do this way hosting must support PHP function Fopen, because some hosting does not allow the use of Fopen for some reason (usually security). may be useful ()

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