5 Favorite Coffee Place in Jakarta, Indonesia

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5 Favorite Coffee Place in Jakarta, Indonesia | Coffee lovers who live in Jakarta so spoiled with many choices of coffee shop, each of which carries the theme, taste, variety of coffee, and the atmosphere of the place is different. Have you ever wondered what the secret of success of a variety of the coffee shop?

Aside from the type of coffee is offered, each coffee shop also sells a unique concept. Consumers can enjoy coffee there while exploring the uniqueness and comfort offered by each of the coffee shop.

5 Favorite Coffee Place in Jakarta, Indonesia

Curious? Here are five cafes that are a favorite place for coffee lovers in Jakarta, as I summarized from Liputan6.com, Monday (09/01/2016)
  • Walking Drums, Patiunus
    This place can easily attract visitors from all walks of society, ranging from motorists, schoolchildren, to executives, because the atmosphere is soothing. Walking Drums name inspired by the echo caused when the container is empty beating. Gema drum is a symbol of the dynamic development ethos.

    Walking favorite drink and Drums are Latte Macchiato from Greenfields.

    Walking Drums admitted that they always use Greenfields for all food and milk-based drinks.
  • Djule Kofi, Melawai
    The place is located at Jalan Melawai and is a branch of Ombe Kofie in Pluit, North Jakarta. Djule in Indian language means hello. Besides offering the best quality and service, Djule also allows visitors to taste different types of coffee from around the world each day. Today you can enjoy a cup of coffee from Brazil, the next day, you will be treated to the latest espresso from Colombia.

    Kofi Djule favorite drink is Black or White coffee with coffee comes from abroad and Greenfields milk to balance the taste of coffee.

    Djule Kofi believe Greenfields always offer the best quality of fresh milk to blend in perfectly with their coffee.
  • Coffee Philosophy, Melawai
    This place made famous since the filming for the movie of the same title. Philosophy Coffee can be a place to discuss, chat, and get new ideas comfortable.

    Favorite drink at the Coffee philosophy is Affogato Orgasm with vanilla ice cream, durian, and milk Greenfields for sweetness and texture right.

    According Philosophy Coffee, milk Greenfields able to determine the correct texture in their coffee.
  • Caribou Coffee
    This place was made in 1992 by a couple of Minessota, John and Kim. Caribou Coffee has a slogan reads, "Life is short, stay awake for it!"

    Caribou Coffee has a certificate Rain Forest where this place just choose coffee from beans which are sustainably managed.

    Favorite drink at Caribou Coffee is the Turtle Mocha with snickers and caramel layer at the top.

    Caribou Coffee believes that the best coffee is coffee that remains solid with steaming sexy foamnya, therefore, the milk must be fat, and Greenfields is the most prominent.
  • Tanamera
    Tanamera means Tanah Merah, the most fertile soil for growing coffee. Established in 2013 as a specialty coffee roasting, before finally becoming iconic coffee shop in 2014.

    Tanamera favorite drink at Malabar Natural is made from coffee beans are handpicked and direct from the farm.

    Tanamera very focused on the details, from the selection of coffee beans and milk. Greenfields has a natural sweet taste and fitted with a variety of coffee blends at Tanamera.
Some places above can be your reference on other occasions want to enjoy coffee with a close relative or alone. Good luck!

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