Do not Upload Boarding Pass on Social Media, Why?

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Do not Upload Boarding Pass on Social Media, Why? | During the journey you need to keep your passport and boarding pass which is the most important thing during your flight. Since both of these things are important, of course you can not equate with plain paper. Usually a few people who are passionate about the holidays will take passport photos and a boarding pass and distribute them in the virtual world online. There is also a carelessly discard their boarding pass after the flight is completed.

Boarding pass a piece of paper that contains the passenger name, flight number, destination, seat number, gate number and before and after departure. Most people think putting boarding pass carelessly, removing, and spread his picture in the virtual world is not a problem. But did you know that you have to maintain the confidentiality of your boarding pass?

Do not Upload Boarding Pass on Social Media

As reported by the site Elitereaders, Monday (19/09/2016), Winston Krone, a forensic expert revealed that inside there is a boarding pass bar code containing the personal data of passengers. These data form the name, home address, email address, and telephone number. This means, if you distribute the photo boarding pass, can make hackers can easily gain access to your personal information even including your financial statements.

For that you have to be careful keeping your personal data contained on the boarding pass. When boarding pass you shared through social media people will easily see the barcode, and it can be misused by hackers and thieves.

Make sure you keep your boarding pass safely before, on the way, until after the flight so that no one can get your personal data. It would be safer not to take pictures and share your boarding pass on your social media accounts.

Especially with the increasingly sophisticated technology at this time you can not be sure all can be done easily. The personal data could be used by people who are not responsible to the detriment of you. Therefore, avoid to publish photos of your passport and boarding pass online for travel and comfortable vacation.

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