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The beauty of Underwater Galapagos

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The beauty of Underwater Galapagos | Galapagos is an archipelago which is included in the area of Ecuador, precisely in the Pacific Ocean or the 1,000 kilometers to the west coast of South America. Consisting of 13 islands charming, Galapagos is often a favorite tourist destination for many people.

According to data, there are at least 180 thousand tourists visited the Galapagos Islands every year. Although a tourist destination visited by many tourists, little is trying to explore the beauty of the underwater Galapagos.

The beauty of Underwater Galapagos

Photographer traveling, Octavio Aburto, is one of the few tourists who do underwater exploration expedition. The picture is very amazing, so close closeup photos provide a new perspective on the underwater life of the Pacific Ocean. Starting from the life of an adorable sea lions, turtles, sharks and even if expressed in a very beautiful Aburto through his photographs.

"The beauty of the underwater Galapagos remarkable because they are small and isolated. Even among the small islands are still many unspoiled, "Aburto said, as quoted from page Weather, Wednesday (08/31/2016)

Furthermore Aburto said he was like an alien in the underwater environment Galapagos. Every animal that passes sees himself with curiosity. It was as interested in swimming shoes, masks, and snorkels. "Every time I turned around, a lot more visible animals appeared to see me," he tells.

The beauty of Underwater Galapagos

Photographer from San Diego, California even has a funny experience for exploring the beauty of the underwater Galapagos. "Once when suddenly a sea lion leaped out of the water and landed in a pile of mangroves. From that spot, this smart llaut dog then dipping the head seems to tempt me to take pictures, "said Aburto.

The beauty of Underwater Galapagos

Impressed with stunning views, Aburto had a desire for the Galapagos National Park to protect all the beauty including marine life that is in them.

Photo credit : Weather/ Octavio Aburto

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