5 Ways to Become a Professional Android Users

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5 Ways to Become a Professional Android Users | Android phone is a phone that is rich in various features. You can perform a variety of activities in a single device. Even so, sometimes the user does not maximize all the features on his smartphone.
5 Ways to Become a Professional Android Users

Here are some tips to make you can maximize the features on your smartphone as I am from Android Pit, Monday (31/10/2016).
  • OK Google
    OK Google
    OK Google is a feature that can make your Android smartphone to be like a personal assistant. This feature requires an Internet connection. To operate, you just have to say 'OK Google'. Google voice search will listen to your command and bring the answers you requested.

  • Automatic Response Answering Emails
    Automatic Response Answering Emails
    One of the most intelligent email is Google's email service, ie Gmail. Users can set up email, view an appointment, notify the reminder, and a number of other useful things.

    Not only that, users can respond to emails very quickly. You can respond right on top of emails received, so no need flipping the screen.

  • Priority mode
    Priority mode
    With priority mode, the Android smartphone you'll just give me that is very important.

    You do this by selecting the Settings menu, then activate Don't Disturb. You can choose what applications are excluded, so that applications are still able to give notification. For example, the call or SMS is sometimes very important to be accepted. 
  • Power Saving Mode
    Power Saving Mode
    On Android 5.1 Lollipop, you have the option Power Saving Mode that can make more efficient use of the battery for the important moments.

    By activating the Power Saving Mode, usually a smartphone screen will be dimmer. In addition, various notification would usually enter the screen when it is turned on.

  • Restrictions Data
    Restrictions Data
    The use of Android smartphone certainly can not be separated from any internet connection. Although internet packages are usually quite expensive, usually people spend a very large quota every day.

    To overcome this, the better disconnect the data connection when you're not using the device. You do this by going into Settings and on the Wireless Network menu, click Data Usage.

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