6 Tips on Traveling to Countries Where You Can not Speak Their Language

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No one deny that international travel is the kind of trip most enjoyable and can open your insight. However, the most common problems encountered when traveling internationally is language. What if you do not master the native language of the country? 

6 Tips on Traveling to Countries Where You Can not Speak their language

Summarized from purewow.com, Monday (17/10/2016), here are some ways to prepare for your trip, even if you do not master a foreign language.
  • Learn the Basics
    No, you don’t have to become fluent in Greek in two months, but knowing a handful of usable words and phrases will get you a lot further than you might think. Simple greetings,“please” and “thank you” and “Do you speak English?” should make you at least a little more comfortable than going in with zero idea of what you’re doing. (Oh, and FYI, “toilet” is pretty much universal, so don’t waste your time learning that one.)
  • Download application language translator
    If there is an advanced technology around you, then why not used? No need to carry a dictionary everywhere, using Google Translate.
  • Sign language
    When dealing with menus, maps, or other thing, do not underestimate the power forefinger. Sometimes a gesture is much more efficient than trying to talk in speech language. However, before going away, you still have to conduct a survey about the places you'll go, because not everyone is comfortable to talk in sign language.
  • Be a good person
    This is very important, especially when you travel to distant places. Be the good and fun, so that strangers do not need to fear adjacent to you.
  • Rent a tour guide
    If you really want to explore somewhere new and comfortable, hire a tour guide to accompany and provide a view on you. At least this way will not make you miss anything.
  • Plan
    If you still do not feel confident, to plan carefully. Clear objectives and a pleasant traveling companion may be a little help?

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