Top 10 Coolest Gadgets Of 2016

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Top 10 Coolest Gadgets Of 2016 | from early 2016 until now there are 10 gadgets that could be considered very cool, apart from their forms and functions is very great. The following are the top 10 coolest gadgets throughout 2016.

1. Rif6 Cube 
Rif6 Cube

The RIF6 Cube is an incredible little gadget that allows you to project your mobile phone with a 120″ display. Simply connect your smartphone to the cube, and you’re able to view Netflix, YouTube videos, games, pictures and more right on a nearby wall.

2. AirDog Auto Follow Drone
AirDog Auto Follow Drone

If you’re into capturing drone photography, but you’re not interested in actually learning how to fly your own camera drones, the AirDog Auto-Follow Drone is the perfect quadcopter for you. It has built-in autonomous flight modes so that you can set it and forget it, and it has the ability to follow a certain target.

3. Nespresso Pixie Espresso Maker
Nespresso Pixie Espresso Maker

Making an espresso using a standard, cheap espresso maker gives you an unlikely chance of actually getting a great cup of espresso. The Nespresso Pixie Espresso Maker will deliver an espresso to you using one of the capsules (think K-Cups) with a flawless espresso every time.

4. TrackR StickR
TrackR StickR

You likely lose your wallet, smartphone, keys and/or remote control frequently. Losing things is normal. Trackr solves that problem. It is a quarter-sized device that can be fastened to any item, and then users are able to use the companion app to find whatever the device is attached to. When you lose your wallet, you simply pull up the app on your smartphone and you can make the StickR beep.

5. Sun Joe Electric Lawn Mower
Sun Joe Electric Lawn Mower
This is one lean, mean green mowing machine that doesn’t quit. The best part about it? You won’t have to frequently run to the gas station for gas or oil, since it runs solely on electricity.

6. Fluance Fi70 Hi-Fi Music System
Fluance Fi70 Hi-Fi Music System

Truly high quality sound in an aesthetically pleasing shell is hard to find, but Fluance nailed it with the Fi70. With the Fluance Fi-70, you’re able to wirelessly stream your music from any Bluetooth enabled device, and it has its own adjustable EQ, touch controls, and an LED display.

7. Montar Air Qi Wireless Charging Car Mount
Montar Air Qi Wireless Charging Car Mount

If you have a smartphone with Qi capabilities, you’ll need a qi charger for your car, too. The best that we’ve come across is the Montar Air Qi Wireless Charging Car Mount. Put your phone on the base, and it begins charging; no fuss, no tinkering.

8. Izon Wi-Fi Video Monitor
Izon Wi-Fi Video Monitor

If you’re frequently away from your home, and you want to check in to see what’s going on, the Izon will allow you to do just that right from your smartphone. You can place the camera anywhere near any outlet in your house, and once it’s connected to your home’s wireless internet, you can view what the camera is seeing and hear what’s going on in the room right from your smartphone.

9. iClever Portable Foldable Bluetooth Keyboard
iClever Portable Foldable Bluetooth Keyboard
If you’re a frequent tablet user or you wish you could get some work done using just your smartphone, you might want to consider picking up a iClever bluetooth keyboard. It is uniquely broken up into three sections, allowing it to be folded up and stored away into one smaller section. This makes it perfect for the traveling & business.

10. Amazon Echo
Amazon Echo

Amazon Echo is now eons ahead of what it was when it launched last year. Now, it works with so many more apps, including Dominos, Uber, Amazon Radio, Pandora, Spotify, Accuweather, Audible, and so much more. It has the ability to control lights, switches, Nest, Wink, Insteon and other smart home products that you probably already have. What’s more, Amazon is continually adding new features and apps to perfect the device.

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