Tutorial Computer Port Functionality is Important and Frequently used

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Port Computers are Important and Frequently used | As a web developer you may often faced with the problem of the port number on the server computer, the need to install what is needed by a website in order to run properly on the server computer would be disturbed if some ports needed is closed by the holders of its servers (Administrator) for various reasons , which most often is due to security reasons.

Tutorial Computer Port Functionality is Important and Frequently used

Not infrequently, so that the port can be used, there must be permission from the administrator, such as when you want to perform remote desktop to the server, it will not be when the Remote Desktop port (3389) is closed. So usually they will ask, what ports to be opened, or it could be unit specific part of the request for your use.

Here are some common ports that are frequently used by a variety of popular applications that need for us to know, including those often required by a web developer.

HTTP80, 8080TCPHyptertext Transfer Protocol. Used by web browsers such as Internet Explorer, Firefox and Opera.
HTTPS443TCP, UDPUsed for more secure web browser
IMAP143TCPEmail application, including Outlook, Outlook Express, Eudora and Thunderbird.
FTP20 to 21TCPFile Transfer Protocol.
SSH22TCPSecure Shell protocol. Providing a secure session when signing in to the remote machine.
Telnet23TCPUsed for remote server administration.
DNS53TCP, UDPDomain Name System protocol to convert domain names into IP addresses.
NNTP119TCPNetwork News Transfer Protocol, is used to internet discussion groups
NETBIOS137 to 139TCP, UDPNETBIOS, is used for file transfers between a Windows machine.
SNMP161 to 162UDPSimple Network Management Protocol. Used by network administrators to remotely statistics and information gathering.
LDAP389TCP, UDPLightweight Directory Services Protocol, used to access a centralized database of users and computers.
Microsoft SQL Server1433 to 1434TCP, UDPApplication Database.
MySQL3306TCP, UDPApplication Database.
Oracle SQL1521, 1522, 1525, 1529TCPApplication Database.
Microsoft Terminal Server / Citrix ICA1494, 1604UDPRemote Desktop application.
ICQ4000UDPInstant messenger.
IRC194TCPInternet Relay Chat (IRC)
Yahoo Messenger5010TCPInstant messenger.
AOL Instant Messenger5190TCP, UDPInstant messenger.
PCAnywhere5632TCP, UDPRemote Desktop application.
VNC5800, 5900TCPVirtual Network Computer, enabling remote desktop functionality.
Kerberos88TCP, UDPUsed for user authentication, usually in the Windows system users.
POP3110TCPPost Office Protocol. To receive email.
SMTP25TCPSimple Mail Transfer Protocol, is used to send the email.
RIP520UDPRouting Information Protocol, a core part of the Internet infrastructure.
Microsoft PPTP1723TCPPoint-to-Point Tunneling Protocol, implementation of Virtual Private Number.
Windows Media Streaming1755, 7007TCP, UDP
Age of Empires2300 to 2400, 6073, 47624TCP, UDPMultiplayer games.
Call of Duty20500, 20510, 28960TCP, UDPMultiplayer games.
Counter-Strike1200, 27000 to 27015, 27020 to 27039TCP, UDPMultiplayer games.
Doom 327650, 27666TCP, UDPMultiplayer games.
Everquest1024, 6000, 7000TCP, UDPMultiplayer games.
Far Cry49001 to 49002, 49124TCP, UDPMultiplayer games.
FIFA3658, 10400 to 10499TCP, UDPMultiplayer games.
Microsoft Flight Simulator2300 to 2400, 6073, 23456, 47624TCP, UDPMultiplayer games.
Gamespy Arcade3783, 6515, 6500, 6667, 13139, 27900, 28900, 29900, 29901TCP, UDPGame browser.
Gnutella6346TCP, UDPP2P file sharing application
GTA22300 to 2400, 47624TCP, UDPMultiplayer games.
Half Life 21200, 27000 to 27015, 27020 to 27039TCP, UDPMultiplayer games.
iTunes3689TCP, UDPApplication Sharing Music.
MSN Messenger1863, 5190, 6891 to 6901TCP, UDPInstant messenger.
NBA Live3658, 9570, 18699 to 28600UDPMultiplayer games.
Need For Speed80, 1030, 3658, 3659, 9442, 13505, 18210, 18215, 30900 to 30999TCP, UDPMultiplayer games.
Net2Phone6801UDPVoIP applications.
NetFone10200TCPVoIP applications.
Neverwinter Nights5120 to 5300, 6500, 6667, 27900, 28900UDPMultiplayer games.
NHL3658, 10300, 13505TCP, UDPMultiplayer games.
No One Lives Forever2300 to 2400, 7000 to 10000, 27888TCP, UDPMultiplayer games.
PhoneFree1034 to 1035, 2644, 8000, 9900 to 9901TCP, UDPVoIP applications.
Quake27650, 27910, 27950, 27952, 27960, 27965TCP, UDPMultiplayer games.
Quicktime6970 to 7000TCP, UDPStreaming video applications.
Rainbow Six80, 2346 to 2348, 6667, 7777 to 7787, 8777 to 8787, 40000 to 42999, 44000, 45000TCP, UDPMultiplayer games.
RealVNC5900TCP, UDPRemote desktop applications.
TeamViewer80, 443, 5938TCP, UDPRemote desktop applications.
Remote Desktop3389TCP, UDPGeneric remote desktop protocol.
Shiva VPN2233TCP, UDPTunneling Applications.
Soldier of Fortune28910 to 28915, 20100 to 20112TCP, UDPMultiplayer games.
Speak Freely2074 to 2076UDPVoIP applications.
Starcraft6112TCP, UDPMultiplayer games.
TeamSpeak8767, 14534, 51234TCP, UDPOnline voice chat.
Tiger Woods PGA Tour80, 443, 9570, 13505, 20803, 20809, 32768 to 65535TCP, UDPMultiplayer games.
Tight VNC5800, 5500, 5900TCPRemote desktop applications.
Tribes28000, 28001TCP, UDPMultiplayer games.
Ultima Online5001 to 5010, 7775 to 7777, 7875, 8800 to 8900, 9999TCPMultiplayer games.
Unreal Tournament7777 to 7788, 8080, 8777, 9777, 27900, 42292TCP, UDPMultiplayer games.
Vonage5061, 10000 to 20000UDPAplikasi VoIP.
VPhone11675TCP, UDPAplikasi VoIP.
Warcraft6112 to 6119TCP, UDPGame Multiplayer.
WebcamXP8080, 8090TCPAplikasi video sharing.
Winamp Streaming8000 to 8001TCPAplikasi audio streaming.
Wingate VPN809TCP, UDPAplikasi Tunneling.
World of Warcraft3724, 6112, 6881 to 6999TCPGame Multiplayer.
Worms Armageddon80, 6667, 17010 to 17012TCPGame Multiplayer.
XBox80, 1900, 3390, 3074, 3776, 3932, 5555, 7777TCP, UDPGame appliance.
Azureus6881 to 6889TCP, UDPP2P file sharing application.
DC++411, 1025 to 32000TCP, UDPP2P file sharing application.
Limewire6346 to 6347TCP, UDPP2P file sharing application.

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