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7 Morning Ritual That Can Change Your Life | What does your morning? Hard to to open the eyes, lazy wake up, and always in a hurry for fear of being late for work?

7 Morning Ritual That Can Change Your Life

Time you should change, Quoted from AskMen on Monday (10/10/2016), began the day with 7 this morning ritual throughout the day can make us become more pleasant, and bonus achieve success in the future.
  • Up Early
    Please check to-do-list you on that day, if the accumulated amount, then there is no reason not to get up early. It's the only way to make your job will be completed. Waking up early also makes you do not need to rush to the office and can have breakfast with more solemn.
  • Drinking Water
    There are so many benefits of drinking water. Among other things, cleaning the intestines, making it easier to digest food, and increase the body's ability to absorb nutrients. The white water also helps the body produce red blood cells. There are also some people who believe, drinking lime juice by the warm water can increase metabolism.
  • Stretch The Body
    There must come a yoga class in the morning for 1 hour. Stretching a little while can make the blood flow to the muscles and brain. Do at least 10 minutes each day.
  • Breakfast
    Not only obsolete theory that we've heard since we were kids. Breakfast is the most important meal, which should not be missed. Even better if a healthy breakfast menu. Breakfast makes our body's metabolism becomes more powerful, reduce hunger throughout the day, lowering cholesterol, and most importantly to productivity is the breakfast can increase concentration power.
  • Quality Time for The Family
    Call my parents in far out of town, or mingle with children and couples, while preparing breakfast for them. Interaction morning, although it may be very brief, it can bring us closer to the people we care about. 
  • Time for Housework
    One of the causes of stress is irregularity store the objects around us. House is a mess, forget to pay bills, make a pact to hang out that can not be kept, and a series of other lists. Take a moment to clean up, tidy up the house, put stuff in place, planning, and check the schedule to keep. Be more organized! 
  • Update Information
    Lest you miss the major events that happened that day. Nothing wrong moment scrolling news on the internet or social media. The more you read, the more you understand the major issues being discussed. Not only pretend to know, but knows only on the surface.

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