Your Sleeping Position Says Everything About Your Relationship

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Safety is the best feeling in a relationship. Small pleasures make us feel like we are in a perfect relationships with a partner of a dream. Gifts and compliments make us happy. But very often most women try to test their beloved. In most cases there’s no serious reason for this. Sometimes they do this just for fun, other times because women just want be sure that there is no reason to worry. Today we’ll let you in on a secret that will calm you don’t and stop all the worrying.

Of course you can fake feelings when awake, but it’s really impossible to do it when you’re asleep. Here’s where the science of sleeping positions comes in handy. It helps you to understand everything you are afraid to ask your partner. Statistics says that the closer you sleep in bed – the stronger are your feelings and the more satisfied you are with your relationship. But you shouldn’t jump to conclusions. If you don’t sleep in the arms of your beloved, it doesn’t mean you are about to break up. 

Your Sleeping Position Says Everything About Your Relationship

In this article we will explore the most common sleeping positions and the meaning behind them. Hopefully this will help you avoid rushed conclusions and misunderstandings.

1. Spooning

How to: One of the partners is hugging the other from behind.
Advantages: This position shows that the couple is so close and happy that even when they’re asleep they want to show their love for each other. It’s a great example of physical and emotional intimacy.
Disadvantages: In the summer you really don’t want to be hugged because it’s too warm.

2. Sleeping face-to-face
Sleeping face-to-face

How to: You can watch each other while sleeping.
Advantages: This position shows intimacy in a relationship, it also shows trust, because this way your partner can see your face at all times and will be able to see your emotions.
Disadvantages: Some people worry about morning breath and this can make things really awkward if your breath isn’t fresh. And of course you don’t want to inhale the air your beloved one just exhaled.

3. Safe Back to Back
Safe Back to Back

How to: This is a very comfortable position. Both of you are laying on your sides with your backs to each other. While sleeping you can touch each other occasionally.
Advantages: One of the most popular position for experienced relations. It creates an atmosphere of trust and safety and shows that both partners are confident in their relationship, but also respect each other’s sleeping habits.
Disadvantages: There is nothing to worry about, as long as you are not too far from each other. This position gives you your own space, but you can always turn to your partner and hug them.

4. Romantic position
Romantic position

How to: You can always see this position in movies. A man is lying down on his back with a woman on her side, her head resting on his shoulder or chest.
Advantages: It often signifies a start of a new romantic relationship. The fact that you don’t have too look each other in the face make this position very comfortable for a shy new couple.
Disadvantages: Some people think it’s romantic to hear the sound of their partner’s heartbeat, but others might find it distracting and annoying. Statistics say that men find this position to be like a trap because they are forced to be lying on their back all the time.

5. Lovely edges
Lovely edges

How to: Both partners sleep on opposite sides of the bed, facing away from each other.
Advantages: A great position for those who value personal space. This position shows that you both value comfort and don’t infringe on personal habits. It’s also great for couples that prefer different resting temperatures.
Disadvantages: Psychologists says it might signify a frustration in the relationship and emotional distance.

The main point of this article is that sleeping positions do not define your relationships. It all depends on the couple. It’s not a secret that no one sleeps in the same position throughout the whole night. It’s impossible to judge what’s right or wrong. Only your desire to see each other when you wake up can influence your relationship and your happiness.

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