6 Spots to Eat Tasty Meal on Penang

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6 Spots to Eat Tasty Meal on Penang | Did you know that Penang has an informal status of culinary capital of Malaysia? It means that on the island you can find many good and cheap restaurants offering tasty food.

The diversity of Penang’s traditions and ethnic groups have greatly affected on the abundance of foodserving in local culinary establishments.  Therefore, you’ll be able to tastethere a variety of national cuisines - from traditional Chinese, Malay and Indian to exotic North African.

So, do you want to find out where to eat a tasty meal on Penang? Then check out our TOP-list :

1. The 1885
The 1885 is a restaurant for pleasant dining providing a classic and yet contemporary cuisine in an elegant setting. Its creative meals are accompanied with an excellent wine list.

The menu of 1885 restaurant will satisfy even the most demanding gourmets, as it offers a range of specialties. Start with a creamy mushroom soup and Caesar salad. These simple dishes can be perfect appetizers.

The 1885

Among the main courses, order escalope with saffron. However, light and fluffy lobster with spicy sauce will be also a good choice. Additionally, you can try a crispy codfish, the tempura shrimps and green soba. For meat lovers, the 1885 restaurant offers a juicy steak that just melts in your mouth.

The 1885

Address: 10, Lebuh Farquhar, George Town
Working hours: Monday-Sunday 2pm-5pm, 7pm-10.30pm

2. Golden Thai Seafood
Daily packed with crowds of tourists, Golden Thai Seafood restaurant is easily recognizable by a gabled roof and a reddish-brown wooden exterior in the style of traditional Thai houses. This unique establishment serves incredible assortment of seafood dishes, the components of which can be selected there right from the aquarium-from fish to crustaceans. Golden Thai offers an extensive menu with a variety of culinary styles. There is a stage inside of the restaurant, so you can taste your dinner and at the same time enjoy an amazing show.

Golden Thai Seafood

Address: 69, JalanBatuFerringhi
Working hours: Monday-Sunday 3.30pm-10.30pm

3. QE II Restaurant
The QEII is a chic restaurant for an elegant dinner in the daytime, which turns into a buzzingal fresco and a lively nightclub filled with dance music at night. Offering dishes of western continental cuisine and servinghuge portions accompanied by the amazing sound of waves and fresh sea breezes, the restaurant will not disappoint you.

The menu of the QE II is simple, but yet exquisite: lobster with cream, white wine and brandy, linguini carbonara are some of the best dishes based on pasta, with a generous portion of noodles in white cream sauce and pieces of smoked beef, mushrooms and eggs.


If you want to tastea signature dish of the QE II - order pizza cooked in a wood oven. You will get an eight-inch cake decorated with pepperedshellfish, dried chili, spicy-sweet sauce, tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese and kiliantro.

Address: 8A, Pangkalan Weld, George Town
Working hours: Monday-Sunday 12pm-1am

4. Chin’s Chinese Cuisine
Chin’s restaurant is the place where you can get acquainted with an unusual taste of Chinese cuisine. Using minimum of oil and salt, as well as a tantalizing spice blends from all over the world make this restaurant a pleasant addition to the culinary scene of Penang. The menu of Chin’s Chinese Cuisine is quite traditional and consists of dishes of Hainan and Sichuan cuisine.

As for the main courses, you should certainly taste ‘zhaopaixiangsuya’ - a mixture of chopped onion, cucumber and slices of crispy duck rolled in pancakes. Meanwhile, the fans of seafood can try lobster in noodles or ‘shuangjigaoya sheng dan’ – fried grouper with spices.

Chin’s Chinese Cuisine

The selection of desserts in Chin’s Chinese Cuisine is not big. However, it’s highly recommended to taste ‘nan guadoy shebing’- freshly baked pumpkin pie with sweetened beans.

Address: Tanjung City Marina, Pier, 8A, Pangkalan Weld
Working hours: Monday-Sunday 6pm-10.45pm

5. Amelia Café
Amelia Café is a small bistro owned by a married couple and specializing in Italian cuisine. Almost every detail of its interior is beautifully decorated: the walls and ceilings look like a colorful work of art, while the tables and shelves are covered with tiny trinkets, which, fortunately, have not lost their appeal.

Amelia Café

Amelia Café offers only four tables and bar, which doubles as a dining bar and kitchen. Some visitors may find this spot pretty tight, but the fantastic food (especially bagels with bacon and pasta) makes it easy to forget about this drawback.

Address: 6, Lebuh Armenian, George Town
Working hours: Monday-Sunday 5pm-11pm

6. Jewel of the North
Jewel of the North is an open-air culinary establishment, which is considered to be one of the first Indian restaurants on Penang. It’s famous thanks to its spicy, but amazingly tasty curry. The prices are as pleasant as the taste of food, so you can come there every day, each time trying a new dish.

Jewel of the North

In addition to Indian cuisine, Jewel of the North also serves Chinese, Western, Malay and Arabic ones.

Address: Jalan Batu Ferringhi, Pulau Pinang, 11100 B Ferringhi
Working hours: Monday-Sunday 5pm-10pm

Summing it up, each of these restaurants offers excellent food coupled with first-class service and affordable rates, which is quite rare for Penang. So, don’t miss to visit any of them during your nearest trip. Want to reach your favorite spot hassle-free?  Then use a rental car on Penang for quick navigation around the island

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