Beautiful discover Son Doong, One of World's Largest Cave

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Beautiful discover Son Doong, One of World's Largest Cave | Caves are one of the destinations of tourist destinations that you should visit. Rocks and river you can enjoy when visiting into the cave, one is the Son Doong cave.

Son Doong cave in Vietnam is the largest cave in the world, this cave has an area of 5.5 miles, in it you can see the rocks, streams, waterfalls, and even forests. But before that not many people know the beauty of this cave, in the end there were found six years ago.

Beautiful discover Son Doong, One of World's Largest Cave

When first discovered this cave has been touted as one of the largest in the world, although there are several other caves compete for the title. Like Mammoth Gave in Brownsville and Cave Krubera in the state of Georgia.

A local resident had indeed found the entrance to the cave in 1991, but the first British man to go inside and eventually explore its beauty in 2009. Reporting from Huffingtonpost, on Tuesday (29/11/2016), the Company has opened a tour of tours Oxalis to visit this cave since two years ago.

Many lucky people who have entered into Son Doong so far, as photographer John Spies who have been successful in exploring the cave and came up with some amazing photos. The man who discovered Son Doong first time can not enter, because the entrance which he found too steep, and he did not have adequate tools to get through it. At the time of the tour, visitors must descend by rope 80 meters long to get into the cave Son Doong.

Beautiful discover Son Doong, One of World's Largest Cave

Roofs had collapsed caves that eventually led to the sun slipped into the cave and finally there is a forest in this cave. The scientists also found species that had never seen before that there are around a waterfall in Son Doong.

photo source : Huffingtonpost

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