CoCycles: New Search Engine to Searching Source Code Free

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CoCycles: New Search Engine to Searching Source Code Free | Search engine to find free source code (JS, PHP, Ruby, Java, Python) definitely Every day there is always a code of open source programs are distributed by various developers from around the world. The amount may have been difficult to quantify at this time, because so many. In fact there are people who say, say one word in the English language, there must be a javascript plugin with a name corresponding primarily to the word.

Start of program code Javascript, PHP, Ruby, Java even Python is available for free on the internet, and other programmers who need to use it freely to the purposes of making a wide range of applications. But we sometimes difficult to find, not because few in number, but because too many. Moreover, if we are looking for in Google, not only the source code that we can, but sometimes appears also articles that really are not relevant to what we were looking for.

Therefore, it now appears a search engine or a new search engine that is specifically used to search for open source program code that would be very fruitful developers.

CoCycles: New Search Engine to Searching Source Code Free

Co.Cycles, that's the name of its search engine. There you can get a lot of open source code for the programming language Javascript, PHP, Ruby, Java and Python. Unfortunately, this search engine is not too perfect, because now we can only seek to Javascript only (visible from the newly active tick mark on the JS logo, another logo yet). In the future, the developer would have to complete in order to open source code from other programming languages can be searched as well. We pray just hope all finished quickly.

If you want to try it now, simply go to the website Co.Cycles, You can try to type the keyword "copy files with js" or "Generate random string". 

if you find any nice, we should love to know we'll be together to try :-d

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