Tips on How to Get Cheap Plane Tickets for the Holidays End of Year

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Although the year-end is still in a matter of months, there is no harm to prepare travel itinerary and booking air tickets from now. However, near the end of the year, normally ticket started relatively expensive. How do I get tickets relatively cheap for year-end holidays? Chief Communication Officer & Co-Founder Tiket.com Gaery Undarsa share some tips to get cheap tickets.
  • Buy tickets round trip
    If you want to go on vacation abroad, say better Gaery directly book a plane ticket to go and return. The airline will usually provide a cheaper price than buying one-way tickets.
  • Buy at shoulder season
    In addition to the term high season and low season, there's one more term to define the holiday season. The term that is shoulder season.

    According Gaery, shoulder season is the season that lies between high season and low season. Shoulder season usually ranges before December 20 and relatively cheaper.

    "Before December 20 it could be cheaper plane ticket, but each airline is usually different," said Gaery.
Buy at shoulder season
  • Notice the online travel agent (OTA)
    Each OTA its usually have a promo offer tickets of different aircraft. Coming to the end of the year, you should start paying attention to the OTA that offer tickets of air.
  • Select flights after 14:00 hours.
    Gaery said, the hour of departure also affects the price of air tickets. Flight after two or three o'clock in the afternoon usually tend to be cheaper.

    According to him, regular flights tickets sold expensive as in the morning as 09.00. He argues, it is because people want to go at that time.
  • Choose working time
    In addition to the relatively late time, flight time weekday or weekdays generally offer cheaper prices.

    Gaery mention, the airline usually high prices on weekends. According to him, the weekend is usually high demand for tickets so that price becomes more expensive.
Choose working time
  • Booking as soon as possible
    Do not wait any longer to book air tickets. According Gaery, getting closer to the day of departure, ticket will be more expensive.
  • Buy separately
    If you want year-end holidays with the family, you'll want to buy tickets separately. Gaery explained, a person is usually only given up two cheap ticket quotas.

    "If you buy the group would have been more expensive. I am sure. If you buy tickets cheaper on their own. When it comes to air it's no such thing as class ticket. Airlines usually spend the cost first," said Gaery.

    He continued, if you want to buy tickets for a maximum of two people once the booking, the chances of getting lower-class tickets will be greater. Meanwhile, if bought at the same time, lower-class air ticket allotment was obtained.

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