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Tutorial How to Backup Data On Android Smartphone | Android is an open system, so that users can freely modify and overhaul the look and interface of smartphones liking. Not surprisingly, if a user can do the rooting or custom ROM replace at will. Well, this is sometimes even make the phone suddenly bootloop or crashes unexpectedly, even totally dead. Or you might just run into instances where your cell phone is stolen or lost.

Well if you have this, your phone will not only be damaged or lost, but also all your important data stored therein will also be lost. In order to anticipate the unexpected things like this, it is important you do is to back up the data of all your important files on a regular basis.

Basically, there are three common methods of backup you can do, which is to enable cloud backup, using a special backup applications such as Helium or Titanium Backup, and backing it up manually to a computer. But sometimes, the backup process is still confusing to some users of Android beginners.

Tutorial How to Backup Data On Android Smartphone

Therefore, this time we will discuss about how to complete these steps your Android data backup :

How to backup data through the cloud
  • On your phone, go to Settings → Accounts & sync
  • Under the Accounts menu, check the "Auto-sync data". Then, select Google. Now press the Gmail ID and enter your Google account you used to register to the phone.
  • Here, you can turn on all options so that all information relating to Google can be directly synchronized to the cloud. It includes a list of contacts, photos, data applications, calendar events, Google Chrome window, and many others.
  • Now back to Settings, and choose Backup & Reset.
  • Check or turn on the option Backup my data.
This step will store application data and all your phone settings, including Wi-Fi password to your Google account. When you sign in using the same Google account with this on other smartphones, all the data you've chosen, photos, and contacts will be imported automatically. These data will be synchronized on a regular basis and you just need to log in to other devices using the same account to perform recovery. However, this method can not backup the SMS message, and some other types of data

How to backup media, messages and applications manually
Furthermore, you'll also want to store music, movies, video, and other media types that have been carded memory you keep your cell phone. This process is very easy. You simply connect your phone to the PC, and copy everything that is in the micro SD into the computer. This manual process of backing up you need to do on a regular basis. How to backup this manual are as follows:

► Media
  • Connect your phone to a computer using a USB cable. If you are using current types of Mac, make sure you have installed the Android File Transfer app before.
  • Open the folder 'My Computer' on your PC, or 'Finder' on Mac.
  • Navigate to the SD card and copy all the files you want to store (paste) in your computer.
  • After copying is complete, you can unplug your phone.
You can easily store all of your SMS and List Your call to a Gmail account by using an application called SMS Backup+, do the following:
  • Download SMS Backup+ app first.
  • Open the app and press the 'Connect'.
  • Select the Google account you use.
  • Then give SMS Backup + permission to access your Google account.
  • Now go back to the application and press 'Backup'. This will keep all your SMS to your Google account.
  • Log in to Gmail from any browser and on the left side, the new label will appear in the form of SMS. Click to see all the messages that you have a backup.
  • To restore this message, simply press the Restore app SMS Backup+
  • Press OK.
  • You will be asked whether to set up SMS Backup+ as your default SMS app. Press Yes. It is necessary to restore all messages.
  • Now, the application will automatically restore all the SMS messages and your call list. When all processes are finished, a pop-up that will restore the default application SMS. Press Yes.
► Application
The next step is to backup and restore application downloads. You can download the application by easy if you use the same Google account on your new device. The trick is to go to Google Play, tap the three dots horizontally at the top left, then select My Apps. You can install all the applications you have chosen and have had before from there.

In addition, the application locally perform backups could be faster for restored them, and also will not be wasting quotas internet using ES File Explorer application. The trick was also quite easy, as follows:
  • Download ES File Explorer application.
  • Sweep the screen to the right to reveal the main page (homepage) of ES File Explorer.
  • Press APP under blue Android robot icon at the upper right.
  • Press and hold any app you want restored until you see a check mark on its icon.
  • If you want to select all applications, press the checkmark icon located at the top right, which was in the box framed dots.
  • Press "BACKUP" which is at the bottom. This will save a copy of all applications apk file.
  • To see where the apk file that has been saved, press the 'User Apps' at the top. From the pop-up that appears, select Backed-up apps.
  • Press any application from here to install the application without having to use an internet connection.
  • To save a copy of this file to your computer, connect your phone to a PC via USB.
  • Name your phone will appear as an icon flash on the My Computer folder, and then open. 
  • Go to Internal Storage→ Back up→ Apps.
  • Copy all files apk from here. If case you reformat your device, or switch your phone, you can quickly copy this apk file to perangkatmu and install the application again by placing it in the same folder on your phone, and then follow the previous two steps.  
How to backup data using the backup data applications
By following the above steps, you can keep all copies of contacts, SMS, media, applications, and data application. Of course, if we do it manually, move them one by one would be a bit complicated.

The best way to backup all data is to use a cell phone application tool backup data from a third party. One of the best data backup application for Android is Titanium Backup. However, this application requires root access to Android which should be done by more experienced Android users. Even the display interface is also rather awkward for users who are unfamiliar.

Besides Titanium backup, you can also try the application Helium is very nice for those who do not to root cell phone. The interface is also easy to understand. Unfortunately, this application can only be used for a number of renowned global brand phones only. For those of you who have a local phone or China, you will not be able to use Helium. In addition, the use of helium also requires you to install drivers for your phone to the PC as well.

That was some of the methods that you can do to backup all the data on your cell phone. So, which method you use most often?

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