5 Reasons to Skip Honeymoon Bride After Wedding

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5 Reasons to Skip Honeymoon Bride After Wedding | Everyone needs a vacation. After struggling with stress while preparing for the wedding, most couples will prepare a plan honeymooners eager to calm down, or simply celebrating their new life sheet. But not infrequently, there are some couples who miss a moment of honeymoon and prefer to return to daily activities.

5 Reasons to Skip Honeymoon Bride After Wedding

Here are 5 reasons why they are willing to get rid of the traditional honeymoon :
  • Better the money saved
    Planning to buy a house? If yes, usually the pair will put aside plans for a honeymoon. Marriage already spend a large, rather than pay more for the honeymoon trip, there are couples who prefer to save money as a down payment on their dream home. The shadow of the wind on the beach Maldives sounded less enthralling than imagined living in a dream home.
  • Honeymoon budget is not enough
    Maybe you really want berpelesir around Europe with her husband, or sit back to enjoy the sunset on a tropical island had been a dream since the first, but unfortunately for now you do not have enough money to realize that dream.

    Do not be sad. Rather than imposing go where dreams are expensive, better planned mini honeymoon getaway to a more close and comfortable for both of us. For example, my hometown. Besides it takes a large budget, you can still save up for the next holiday plans.
  • Too often traveling
    Usually for people who travel often work out of town or country, traveling on a plane becomes less exciting again. Or, if during the time you and your partner live a long distance relationship, it may seem attractive to travel far spent kebersaman both in new homes. You would prefer to spend time together at home, or simply relax in the city of residence.
  • The wedding day is inclusive vacation
    If you are going to undergo a wedding reception outside the city or country, then the feeling of a vacation was already felt. Because usually you will arrive at the reception a week or a few days before the event. And this will give you enough time to enjoy all the beauty that is in the location of the reception. You can spend time chatting with his beloved family and friends, and enjoy the local culture.

    In fact, not infrequently also extend vacation time to do pelesiran alone with her husband. But after a week, usually you will miss the home and work.
  • You are too tired
    Preparation marriage takes a lot of time, monthly or even yearly, it will definitely make you super tired. Starting from trying trousseau, meeting with vendors, running to and fro takes care of everything, all of it will drain energy and spirit. Thus providing a moment to stop from the bustle of the wedding is something that dream. One of them did not do anything and take the time to relax for a moment.
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