WhatsApp for Android Updated, Have Features "Streaming" Video

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WhatsApp for Android Smartphones Updated, Have Features "Streaming" Video | WhatsApp released an update on Android to version 2.16.352. In this update, WhatsApp brings the features of streaming video. Using these features, users no longer need to download a video delivered through WhatsApp to be able to watch it.

How does this feature work, as reported by Digital Trends, Thursday (15/12/2016), split into two as follows :
  • First, for users who set WhatsApp to be able to automatically download all content is delivered via the chat service. If the arrangement is used like this, then the application as usual will directly download the incoming video.

    The difference with the previous, although the download process has not been completed, this new feature allows users to stream the video. So during the download, the video can already be watched.
  • Second, under the conditions set are not automatically downloaded multimedia content. When this setting is used, the user will find a Play button in the video receives. Button shapes can be seen through the picture on the side.

    Play button is useful for streaming video and not for downloading. When pressed, the video will be played without having to download them to the phone. If you want to download video content, the user must press the download button (down arrow logo) located on the left side of the screen.
Streaming feature was previously only released in India. But a few weeks later, WhatsApp decided to release it to all users simultaneously with the update version 2.16.352 (Android).

According to the monitoring alltutorials.info, WhatsApp application updates can already be found in Indonesia. WhatsApp can be obtained via the following link.

Video streaming feature has yet to be found in iOS. Unknown when Apple will release a similar feature in the iPhone. Let streaming on WhatsApp ... ๐Ÿ˜

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