Tips on How to Take Care Earphones To Stay Longer

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Earphone Care Tips to Keep Sustainable | Caring earphone is easy bother. Need special tricks for users to be able to keep the earphones is not quickly broken. Cleaning the earphones was not the only way to make him remain durable. There are some special tips for taking care of earphones can be used in the long term. Following ways : ๐Ÿ‘‡
  • Save earphones in place Necessarily
    As reported by Make Use Of, Tuesday (13/12/2016), damage to the earphone mostly occur due to indiscriminate use of factors, first save them in a less viable.
    Save earphones in place Necessarily
    Not all cable earphone has a strong foundation. Therefore, the user should know exactly where to save the right earphone. Storing the earphones in a pants pocket, shirt pocket, and inside the bag is not recommended. Try to keep the earphones in a protective casing.

    Most vendors are now offering earphone casing for free to store earphones and protect it from damage.
  • Do not Roll Cable Gratuitous
    As highlighted on the first point, most earphone cable has a fragile texture. Therefore, try to roll the cable with the proper rules. Use the scroll method vertices like in the image below.
Do not Roll Cable Gratuitous
  • Diligent Clean Earphone
    Use a disinfectant and warm water. 70:30 mix the two levels (70 percent of warm water, 30 percent liquid disinfectant).
    Use a disinfectant and warm water
    Then, take a cotton or microfiber cloth and dip it into the liquid. Afterwards, wipe the cable, the outer and inner earphone earphones slowly and thoroughly. Do this repeatedly in order to get maximum results.
    take a cotton or microfiber cloth
    Next, to 'revoke' stubborn dirt and paste, you can use a toothpick / brush / cotton buds and brush on the inside earphone.
  • Use Earphone in Normal Volume
    Using the earphones at high volume that can affect the performance of the earphone.

    The rigors volume can damage the internal components of the speakers and earphones. As a result, earphone audio quality continues to decline due to the effect of the bass is too loud.

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