Tutorial How to Secure WiFi Router

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Tutorial How to Secure WiFi Router | Many factors could cause a slowdown in Internet connections at home. One common cause is usually derived from Internet network service providers. But, there are also other causes quite a few people are aware of.

If your home using a wireless router to deploy internet networks, wireless routers used may be one cause of the slowdown of the Internet connection. This is because you may have been the victim of theft of network access the Internet by parties who are not responsible.

Tutorial How to Secure WiFi Router

For a wireless router that the security system would be required. For prevention, it is easy enough.

1. Sign in to your router's admin panel
To check the initial stage to do is log onto the router's admin panel.

Sign in to your router's admin panel
Common is type or in your browser's address bar. If this does not work, to check the IP address of the router admin panel could manually by clicking the start button in the bottom left corner of the screen, in the search field then type cmd then type ipconfig.

After that, the display will show the network connection information. In the last line of "Default Gateway" is the IP address of the router's admin panel. Then, type the IP address in the browser's address bar to access to the router's admin panel.

2. Make a check MAC Address
Once you get into the router's admin panel, the next step is to identify a device that is connected to a WiFi router.

Every device connected to WiFi, the device MAC address information will certainly appear in the router's admin panel. Display admin panel each brand router will certainly vary. But, in general order of the MAC address information can be seen at the Wireless Configuration, Wireless Status, or DHCP client.

Make a check MAC Address

This is where you can see what devices are connected to WiFi and identification. You can count the number of devices connected to a WiFi router. Like for example, a total of only four devices connected to WiFi but in that view recorded 5 devices, which means that there is the possibility of an intruder steals your internet network connection.

3. Stop by soon
To stop the theft WiFi, you are required to tighten access to the wireless router. The scenario can also vary.

If the wireless router password has not been installed, immediately post the password on your wireless router. And, if the wireless router is already in the password but still use the factory default password, so we recommend you also are required to change their password.

How, in the wireless router admin panel go to the security settings. In general, change or add a password can also be found at the PSK or Pre Shared Key.

the security settings

Change the password on the wireless router will automatically immediately disconnect all devices connected to a wireless router. So, your device must be connected back to the home wireless router with a new password to be re-connected to the internet.

Change Name Wifi

For added security, password replacement method is sufficient we suggest can be done periodically. You also may perform the renaming hotspot wireless router that is generally accessible via the menu at the Service Set Identifier (SSID).

For those of you who do not want to be bothered with all the steps above, there is no harm in investing into wireless router device that has a high security system. Wireless routers that use WPA2 encryption system could be one of the more practical solution.

In addition to WiFi theft can anticipate, we provide tips also can prevent you from a variety of other cyber crimes that utilize your Internet network connection such as data theft, the spread of viruses or even perform other illegal actions. In the end, the issue of security on the wifi router is still demanding users to be more proactive and aware of the dangers of cyber crime can strike at any time. Good luck!

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