When Assembling Computer Problems And Solutions

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When Assembling Computer Problems And Solutions | For a computer technician whose daily work as a computer repairman maybe it's not unusual faced with a problem when you're assembling a computer. Then they already know how to handle/solution because it was used based on experience. But for those who are new or first time you try to assemble his own computer, when confronted against something of a problem that causes the computer can not run normally might be a little bit of confusion. Naturally, because his name does not have a different experience from those who are experts in their fields. But do not worry, because here I am going to try to explain and classify various common problems that occur when you're assembling a computer. And also I will explain the way out/solution of problems when assembling the computer.

When Assembling Computer Problems And Solutions

For those of you who have never done assembling your own computer, you can read this article until the end. Because maybe in the future you will be faced or are required to do to assemble a computer. Because this time, where I think the computer is not foreign. Almost every corner of the area every home own computer. Therefore, in order to save on the budget we have better if we intend to buy a computer to first understand the problem when assembling your own computer as well as the solution. Despite the fact that there is also a computer that is so ready to use. Well computer's built-up or a computer that has been assembled by the computer vendor. However, such a machine was quite expensive.

Here's Issues Common When Assembling Computer And Solutions

Ok we start the discussion. The problem that I will explain here, just the most common problems occur only when we're doing assemble his own computer. So the rest, we can talk in the comment box. Hopefully there is the best solution.

► Assembled Computer That Will not Lighted COMPLETELY
This is the biggest problem and usually the problem will not turn on the computer when it's done we raft altogether very rare. Why? For if we raft computer is a new computer, it is far from the possibility that the computer components are damaged. Unless we assemble his own computer with the former all-round computer components.

Before we decided to take a stand for contacting a service or the shop where we bought a computer, try to check out the entire computer components. It so happens that there are components that one of us post or other problems.
  • Closely inspect the power switches that we put the wrong connection. What is the power switch? Power switches are chasing power cable connector from the CPU to the motherboard. Once we press the power contained in the CPU, then the computer will turn on. This happens because of the CPU power button no cable is connected to the motherboard. Well that its name is abbreviated Power power switch SW. Usually there is an inscription on the motherboard Power SW, then it is to connect the power switch. If if it is correct to connect, try connecting directly to check first with two pins in a power switch with direct cable or screwdriver.
  • Sometimes the computer that is completed we will not turn rafts are the biggest problems in the power supply. For that you try to check back throughout the pins are contained in the power supply or the pins on the motherboard. Another step, try to use another power supply which is already convinced that the power supply is still good.
  • It could be the computer will not turn on the issue is with the RAM / memory. Perika memory and clean it with an eraser 2B and try to pair it correctly. Or maybe just a memory slot located on the motherboard does not support the memory of our previous post. Then attempting to install the memory in different memory slot.
  • There are foreign objects attached to the motherboard and connect with chasing CPU. Check back whether there are any obstructions so that the computer will not turn on. Or you're trying to remove all the components, and the raft again outside / without chasing. If after the computer components can be lit with normal when you assemble without chasing, then plug it back into the computer components chasing. But try using a barrier between the objects with chasing motherboard that does not conduct electricity, paper samples.
  • The last possibility is that the computer will not turn on when we finished assembling a computer is the electricity that you use bad. The good step in addition you can try with another power supply, use a stabilizer / stavol to know whether the mains voltage is normal or not.

► Computers Can Be Lit, however Warning Appears Boot Disk Failure
Now we raft own computer can be lit normally, but new problems arise again. When we turn on the computer monitor screen warnings appear in Disk Boot Failure. Do not give up just yet, let hahas together here. Warning Disk Boot Failure caused by the failure of the boot process on the hard drive and CD.

But before we proceed, first understand whether we will set the system to boot from the hard drive or CD? Usually when the computer will be installed with the Windows operating system, then boot the system selected is from the CD. But if we've finished installing Windows, then the priority is the computer boot from the hard drive.

Further to the problem Disk Boot Failure I would like to highlight here is the Boot Disk Failure or boot failure on a CD when we want to install Windows. Because after we assemble a computer and the computer is not turn the next step is to install a computer with the operating system.
  • Setting out where we are going to prioritize become the primary boot when the computer is on. Of course in this case because we will install the Windows operating system, then that becomes the boot priority this time is the boot CD.
  • Once we set up the system boot CD, but the CD that we put not detected at all, then it appears again new problems. Turn off the computer and try to check all ports that are connected to CD-Room. Neither port data or power port. If the hard drive and CD-Room you use the type of ATA, then check the configuration jumper. The possibility of setting primary and master nothing wrong. Required for this type of ATA not to the same primary configuration and master. If the CD-Room using master configuration then the hard drive using primary configuration.
However, if the CD-Room and the hard disk you are using is not diversified ATA, but SATA, then this configuration ignore it.

Furthermore, can we enter the CD that can not be detected because the CDs has been scratched or damaged. Therefore try using another CD which we think is still good or not scratched his physique.

► No Sound
Finished we install the operating system on the computer, but no more new problems have emerged that the computer can not make a sound (sound). It is a problem when assembling this computer or computer sound nothing happens often. So I'll try to explain it.
  • First you check Device Manager on the computer right-click My Computer select Properties. See sound device listed in the Device Manager whether the driver soundnya is correct or not. If the sound driver is not installed properly, it will show a yellow warning. Thus the first install the sound card drivers contained on CDs Motherboard.
  • A computer can not speak out when we finished the raft and install the operating system the problem may sound wrong port connection. Check all ports located on motherborad sound and clean.
  • Or maybe the speakers you are using is damaged, the cord broke, and others. Please check using another speaker who you think is still good speakers.
Finally finished a discussion of some of the most common problems occur when we're assembling your own computer as well as the solution. Do you find other problems while assembling the computer? Please be submitted in the comment box. Feel free also to provide a solution if there is a new problem presented in the commentary box by others. Sharing is beautiful and definitely a lot of benefits.

Hopefully Problems When Assembling Computer And The solution could be a useful inspiration for those in need.

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