Tips: Shooting in low light conditions with the Better Use Oppo F1s

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Tips: Shooting in low light conditions with the Better Use Oppo F1s | For those who rely on smartphones as the primary camera, of course, reluctant Restricted. Although the smartphone camera technology has developed rapidly, but the ability of smartphones to take pictures in low light conditions is still not reliable.

However this does not mean smartphone vendors stay silent when dispensing flagship phone. For example Oppo immerse Expert Mode features in the camera Oppo F1s and F1 Plus. With Expert Mode, you can set some basic shooting settings such as focus, ISO, shutter speed, White Balance, Exposure, and storing photos in .DNG (RAW) format .


Armed with these features, in fact Oppo F1s will be able to produce good images in night conditions for smartphone cameras in its class. Here are tips to get more optimal current light conditions using the Oppo F1s.

1. Choose a lower ISO
When activating the Expert mode, you will be able to arrange some things. Two very important setting is the ISO setting and shutter. By setting the ISO to a lower number, then the noise is disturbing detail in the photo can be minimized. By corollary, with a low ISO, the camera requires a shutter speed or a slower shutter speed to be able to absorb more light. If the shutter speed is too high, then the images will be dark.

For setting the shutter speed, Oppo F1s support settings ranging from 1 second and so on. So arguably this arrangement is intended to take pictures in low-light conditions. Obviously the speed is slow, make sure you use a tripod or have a steady hand so that the end result will still be sharp.

Here's an example of the images with the settings of ISO 100 and shutter speed of 1 second, without a tripod. To stabilize the cell phone, I was pressed to the wall, pressing the shutter button.

shutter speed on Oppo F1s Camera

Compare with the shooting in Auto mode below.

Another Smartphone Camera VIew

In addition to "disturbed" noise severe enough, the images is also too dark so it is quite difficult to see what is being photographed.

2. Save images in RAW format
Oppo F1s supports storage of images in .DNG (Digital Negative) format or also known as RAW format. As the name suggests, it is the images of "raw" were filmed and have not experienced a lot of adjustment to present good photo by humans. Photos in this format also has a larger file size, remember there is no processing of the camera are also automatically reduce the file size photograph. Surely this is an impact on the shrinking number of images that can be stored.

But the advantage gained, photos in RAW format will be more flexible for editing. If there is an error exposure or white balance, you will be able to correct them easily using a variety of image editing applications that support the format .DNG. Once corrected, you can also save them in JPG format to save memory space.

Here's an example of a photo "wrong" by setting the shutter 1 seconds later corrected.

Before Corrected

Here are the images that have been enhanced in Adobe Photoshop.

After Corrected

3. Adjust the focus manually if needed
Although autofocus main camera Oppo F1s including excellent for cell phones in class, but there are some situations that require focus settings manually. Focus setting options manually in Expert Mode F1s Oppo is very easy to use. You just shift the corresponding distance of the object to focus on.

One example is photographing ants marching below. Its small size camera ants prefer to focus on foliage in the background. Easy solution, I set the focus manually so that the ants that are in sharp focus as you wish.

Capture Ants

Focus manually search technique is also useful in low light conditions to ensure the camera focuses on the subject desired. The quality of light is less than ideal (dark) reduces the accuracy of auto focus system in the camera Oppo F1s. Good luck!

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