When is the Most Good Time to "Charge" Smartphone?

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When is the Most Good Time to "Charge" Smartphone? | Most smartphone users complain the battery performance is wasteful. Ironically, only a handful of truly caring for batteries.

Just like humans, the batteries also need to be treated to keep it healthy. One of the simplest ways to keep the battery stamina is pulled-charge appropriately.

Yes, charging the smartphone is not just a matter of inserting the charge cable to a USB port. Users must recognize the right time to charge.

Not to let the phone all night in-charge. Because, just like humans, can also be full battery power. When full, its performance would be decreased.

Li-Po battery redmi 2 Prime capacity of 2200 mAh and coated orange stickers such as batteries other than Xiaomi smartphone.
According to a senior engineer at Motorola, Mark Carlson, users should charge the battery when the head is empty, as reported by Forbes on Monday (23/01/2017).

Do not be completely empty because it is tantamount to feeding on humans were really dead. Do not also charging when the battery is half full because it is tantamount to giving human food when not hungry.

"The battery on the condition of 10 percent will absorb power faster than when the condition is 50 percent," said Carlson.

According to Carlson, the pulled-charge excessive overcharging alias will impact battery life is shorter. In addition, the pulled-charge is also not too often. Again, adjust as needed.

Therefore, the battery has a charge limits charge alias limit. If you've exceeded the limit, the battery performance will decrease.

Users should refer to that charge the phone in the condition of 10 percent and let it fill to 100 percent. The cycle will be counted once.

If the user pulled-charge your mobile phone is then revoke the current 50 percent to 100 percent, accounting for one cycle when filling only 50 percent. This mechanism is less efficient.

So, they want to carelessly pulled-charge?

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