5 Places to Shop Presents Offers in Bangkok

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5 Places to Shop Presents Offers in Bangkok | Bangkok, Thailand, is one of the popular and most favorite holiday destinations for the traveler. In addition to the accommodation expenses are fairly cheap, Bangkok also has a variety of tourist destinations at once friendly bags.

Not complete it if visiting Bangkok without shopping and culinary tasting local specialties. Culinary variety in Bangkok is famous for its good taste, cheap price, and the kind of unique local food.

Touted as one of the shopping paradise in Asia, various shopping places in Bangkok selling a wide range of products ranging from local to international products. The price offered is varied depending on the product type and needs.

You have planned a vacation to Bangkok in the near future? Well, get ready, not infrequently colleagues or friends would ask presented souvenirs typical of Bangkok. You can choose several local typical souvenirs that can be purchased in large quantities but still cheap. Here are 5 reference point for shopping souvenirs in bangkok.

1. Khao San Road

Khao San Road

For your holiday backpacker style, Khao San Road is a shopping place that you must visit. This area sells a variety of items ranging from clothing, handicrafts typical of Thailand, paintings, sculptures, books, and many others with low prices. In addition, a variety of snacks and culinary pavement Thai specialties in a row along the region from afternoon until night. The desire to shop and you will be satisfied on a culinary tour of the region.

2. Chatuchak Weekend Market

Chatuchak Weekend Market

As the name suggests, "Weekend Market", where it only operates on weekends or Saturday and Sunday. But now, the market is also open on Fridays from 6 pm until midnight.

Touted as the largest market in Southeast Asia, there are about 10,000 stores or outlets in this market who sell a variety of goods in accordance with its type. There are 27 sections or sectors in this market. Each section or sell goods sector in accordance with the type, for example, parts accessories, fashion, souvenirs, food, books, and much more. You are also free to bargain prices in this market.

To facilitate you when visiting this market, so up, do not forget to look for printed maps available around the market. So, you can go directly to part of the market that sells products that you need. This is certainly saves time and effort.

3. Asiatique


Unlike the two previous places, neighborhood Asiatique is a unique place to shop and tend to be nuanced romantic! In the past, around 1990, this area is a marine ship pier historical witness the commencement of the international trade between the Kingdom of Thailand with other countries in Europe, especially during the reign of King Chulangkorn.

By combining historical and contemporary concept, the area is designed with a European semi-19th century with various ornaments complementary unique and antique. Here, you can shop a variety of traditional Thai souvenirs, fashion products, to sample a variety of local cuisine at a price of around 25-60 Baht.

4. Pratunam Market

Pratunam Market

As the market in general, Pratunam Market is located in an area full of alleys and bustling with traders and visitors. The Pratunam Market, there are hundreds of shops and stalls selling a variety of clothing and accessories for women. In this market, you are also free to bargain, especially if you buy goods in large quantities. Pratunam Market operates from morning until night.

5. MBK (Mah Boon Krong) Center

MBK (Mah Boon Krong) Center

Looking for a souvenir or handicraft typical of Thailand to share with friends or relatives? MBK Center is the place to shop is right for you. You can go straight to the 6th floor of MBK Center that specialized in selling local souvenirs. Not only that, you can also buy special equipment computers and other digital devices. If you are hungry, visit to the 5th floor MBK Center, a variety of restaurants with special menus overseas can choose according to taste.

Happy holiday...!!

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