5 Tips to Optimize Windows Taskbar on the PC and Notebook

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5 Tips to Optimize Windows Taskbar on the PC and Notebook | You know, the Windows taskbar at the bottom of the screen PC or notebook is not just decoration. As one characteristic of Windows, the taskbar is always changing every time Microsoft launches a software update.

However, not many Windows users know that he can mengustomisasi taskbar as he wishes. Want to add an icon or change the color? Tips are alltutorials.info summarized below can help you.
  • Pin Program
    By default, programs that appear on the taskbar only certain applications and operating at the time only. When you close the program, the icon in the taskbar will disappear.

    If you do not want the icon is missing, right-click on the open program and select Pin this program to taskbar (Windows 7) or Pin to taskbar (Windows 10).
Pin Program
  • Use Keyboard Shortcuts
    Try pressing the Windows key and 1 on the keyboard to open the first program in the taskbar. This way, you do not have to bother clicking the program in the taskbar using the mouse.

    For your information, you can adjust the programs that are already in-pin in the taskbar. All you have to do is drag and drop. In this way, the programs you use most often will be more accessible. 
  • Customization Taskbar
    Bored with the color of the taskbar that's it? You can change just by right clicking on an empty area on the taskbar. Select Settings, then a new window will appear that allows you to lock the taskbar so that is not 'lost', hide automatically, set the icon size, adjust the layout, and many more.

    Do not forget, you can also set the color of the taskbar that can be customized with your choice.
Customization Taskbar
  • Customization Task View
    Automatically, an icon named Task View (Windows 8/10) will appear on your taskbar. When clicked, a window will appear that program are you open with a display like in MacOS.

    Not only that, you can also create multiple desktop display that can contain programs that you want without having to make the display look full or cluttered desktop.

    In addition to clicking the Task View icon in the taskbar, you can press the Windows key+Tab to use this feature.
Customization Task View
  • Edit the Notification Area
    You are already using Windows 8 to 10 would have been familiar with the notification area that appears on the right side of the taskbar.

    In fact you can change the amount and programs in that area, can immediately right-click an empty area of the taskbar and select Properties.

    After the new window appears, scroll down the page to find the Notification area. Here, you can select, the icons that appear on the area and simultaneously turn on or off icons like clock, volume, network, location and much more.
Edit the Notification Area

Many Windows users are rarely, if ever customize the taskbar on a PC or notebook them. In fact, if all you need can be easily achieved, of course it will help the productivity also in the works.

Do not be afraid to experiment with Windows taskbar, since all the changes that you do can be converted back very easily. Good luck!

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