Danger, Stop Battery Charge Plug Smartphone in Public Places

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Danger, Stop Battery Charge Plug Smartphone in Public Places | Smartphone users must have felt restless and uneasy when the phone battery is already leak. Yes, it can not be denied that we begin to rely on the smartphone, from the beginning to transport messages online to everyday activities.

When it hits you, the first thing you want to do when I see the charging stations in public places must charge the mobile.

Even so, reports CNN Money that alltutorials quoted on Monday (02/20/2017) showed that convenience with their charging stations in public places seems to be able to bring their own dangers.

What danger? Without realizing it, a hacker could obtain information from the smartphone is being charged using the charging stations are provided on-site.

Danger, Stop Battery Charge Plug Smartphone in Public Places

"Just plug in your phone to the charging station that has been 'tricked', you become infected device and all data in it can be hacked," said Drew Paik, a security expert from Authentic8.

Authentic8 itself is pembesut Silo, a secure browser that remained secret throughout its activities during surfing the internet.

Well, the charging station and Wi-Fi access is available in public places, such as airports, planes, parks, and a meeting room security can not be guaranteed and are also at risk. In fact, some irresponsible parties can get all the data on the smartphone.

This can be done through a data cable to charge your smartphone, which can also be used to transmit data from one phone to another. For example, when you plug the iPhone into a Mac with a data cable, you can transfer photos from a smartphone to a computer or vice versa.

According to Paik, if the port is used for charging have been compromised, the amount of information that may be obtained hackers are also infinite. From email, SMS, photo to a contact.

The technique is called juice jacking, a term coined by researchers in 2011. Last year, researchers Authentic8 shows the process of 'video jacking' using a port that has been hacked and video capture to record all that is seen and typed with the mobile phone.

Without knowing the risks that may arise, smartphone users are still often charge by the port in public places. Even in the event of a leading security conference once.

Research Smartphone User
In the RSA security conference in San Francisco, Authentic8 set up a charging station at their booth as well as cable offers for people who want to charge your cell phone. Companies running an experiment to see how much people put charging stations in public places. Paik said, 80 percent of participants charging without asking about security.

"The majority are not concerned to charge in public places. Because in the security conference, they should be more alert, but they should feel safe," said Paik.

Instead of using a charging outlet in a public place, it is better if you bring POWERBANK own.

You can also carry a data cable that can only be used for charging and not move files and data. Obviously this is done to avoid strangers steal data from your smartphone. "If you care about security, it is advisable not to use the charging stations," added Paik.

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