The Joy Portrait Children At Play Without Gadgets

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The Joy Portrait Children At Play Without Gadgets | Four children named Kurt (13), Rebecca (12), Anton (9), and Arwen (7) are not anti-technology. But the habit since childhood to make them spend more time to interact with the surrounding environment.

The mother who is also a photographer, Niki Boon capture the everyday and her son and daughter in the series of photos entitled 'Childhood in the Raw'. Currently, Boon and his family live in a remote rural New Zealand. Everyday without technology such as TV and iPad make Boon children spend more time playing outside. But, that does not mean children Boon knows no technology at all.

Niki Boon capture

"Yes, they are free to climb, play with the animals, and the road with bare feet. Like the other mothers, I just wanted to document the growth of my children included experience ups and downs in it," said Boon told to Today.

Niki Boon capture

For education, the four children Boon follow home-schooling. They did not mind when the gadget is not given by his mother. Likened Boon, his children did not miss anything when you do not have the gadget, as they find access to explore the surrounding environment.

Niki Boon capture

At home, there is a computer and the two oldest children Boon only use it when necessary. Well, Boon realized that every family has its own value let alone each tinggald i different environments.

"I'm sure every parent would do their best for their children. At this time, in this way is good for our family. But, I am once again convinced if every family is different," said Boon.

In the current era of computerization, it is the child will be easier to know technology. However, that does not mean parents can not take control in the use of technology for children. Disclosed child psychologist from Pion Clinician, Astrid W.E.N, MPsi., Psychologist, child okay introduced in gadgets but not with excessive time.

Well, in everyday life, fathers and mothers can also invite children to do fun activities, without the need to capitalize gadget. Including the following :

Niki Boon capture
  • Inviting children walks to the park or zoo.
    For children aged 2 years and above, they could be taken for a walk to the park or to the area around the house. Thus, children can explore the surrounding environment.

    This activity can be the experience of a child for example, when he saw a strange animal in the park, she dared to hold a cat, it can be a rewarding experience for the child.
  • Doing homework together
    Children also may be asked to help father washing a car or motorcycle. Or, he could be asked to help mothers cooking or baking. According to Astrid did not notice the problem from the aspect of safety. By helping mother make cookies, children can feel the texture of flour as she patted or touched any of the ingredients of cake for example.

    "It's just the end result is not the child managed to do something, but boy enjoying the moment, enjoy it when he held hose fitted wash motors, sensing flour beaten," said Astrid.
  • Making toys together
    Parents can also encourage children to make toys together, such as play dough or slime. Or, take the little coloring, drawing, or making crafts together. For example, make a piggy bank from bottles.
In fact, playing like face painting can be a fun activity instead?
Photo Source :  Instagram / Nikiboonphoto

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