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Tutorial How to Bring up the Hibernate option in Windows 10

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Tutorial How to Bring up the Hibernate option in Windows 10 | For most Windows users, closes all files and programs, is a must before turning off the PC or notebook. However, what if there are other ways that you can use and much easier to do so.

One feature that Microsoft offer is Sleep and Hibernate mode. Rather than have to close programs and files one by one, the user can easily 'switch off' PC or notebook with a single button.

However, Microsoft is eliminating the mode option when launching Windows update 10. The good news is, you can easily bring back the choice option.

What's Hibernate?
Hibernate is a combination Shut Down and Sleep modes designed specifically for laptop users. When choosing the option Hibernate, your PC will automatically save the state of your PC, all programs and documents that are opened to the hard disk and then turn off your PC. When re-ignited, all programs and documents that have been opened earlier, it will reappear.

How to Come Up Back Hibernate?
Well, after you already know its function, the next step is how to bring up the options Hibernation.

Click the icon Cortana/search box in the taskbar and type Power Options. The first result is that you find the setting Control Panel with the same name. Click Power Options.

Click Power Options

Once clicked, a window will appear the Control Panel, select "Choose what the power buttons do" in the left side of the window.

Choose what the power buttons do

In the next window, click the link labeled "Change Settings that are currently unavailable". Scroll down to find the window to the Shutdown menu settings. Click the box next to Hibernate, and click Save changes. Done.

Change Settings that are currently unavailable
To see if you managed to bring back the Hibernate option, you can click the Windows icon → Power and there will be an option under Sleep Hibernate.

To see if you managed to bring back the Hibernate option
How easy is not it? Good luck!

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