5 Tricks Google Play Store You Need to Know

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5 Tricks Google Play Store You Need to Know | Google Play Store is not denied has become the core of the operating system Android. Through this app store, Android users can get the applications they need, either free or paid.

However, do you know there are actually a few tricks you can use to maximize the use of the Play Store? To that end, here are five easy tricks around Google Play Store as quoted from page Android Pit, on Wednesday (01/03/2017)

5 Tricks Google Play Store You Need to Know
  • Install apps outside the territory
    Never experienced problems when downloading the application was only available in certain regions? Actually, you can still download and install the application but with a bit of effort of course.

    The easiest way is to utilize the services of Virtual Private Network (VPN). Basically, a VPN is a service that makes you as if to access the Internet from any location or other countries.

    So, you can use this service to 'hide' the position you are. But keep in mind, in order to download a trusted VPN service.
  • Organize apps in the Play Store
    The column 'My Apps & Games' in the Play Store is known by almost all Android users. Through this column, you can find a list of applications that have been or have been installed in the device.

    Not only that, through this column you can update the applications already installed on Android devices easier. Just go to My Apps & Games column, you can see the list of installed apps and offer system updates.

    You can choose Update All that is usually available at the top right to update them. In addition, you can also choose applications that are installed and want to remove it. 
  • Set Parental Lock in Google Play Store
    The number of applications that reach millions of extremely difficult 'tracked' whether the application is child friendly. For those of you enough notice of the issue, there is an easy way to control the Parental Lock feature in the Google Play Store.

    Thus, brother or nephew who is borrowing your device can avoid downloading apps that have not deserved. To do this, you simply open the Settings option in the Play Store.

    After that open and activate the Parental Control feature. But before activating it, you need to enter a PIN first. So, when this feature is active the user is required to enter a PIN before downloading the application that is not intended for children.
  • Doing refund in Google Play Store
    Payment systems in the Play Store is now even easier, you can utilize multiple payment channels to obtain the desired application. But not infrequently, purchased apps not as expected.

    Google had already anticipated this by presenting a system of refunds (refund). Nevertheless, this return feature can only be done up to two hours after purchase.

    If you want to ask for money back, you simply open the application in question directly from the Play Store. Refund options are usually available on the left and you just tap on them to get the money back.
  • Peek into the 'Indie Corner'
    Often bored with the games offered by major developers? For those of you who feel that way, it could not hurt to look around Indie Corner columns are available in the Play Store.

    If the difficulties for menemukannnya, you can simply type 'Indie Corner' on a Google search page on the device. The first search result that appears normally "Discover Indie Corner 'from Google Play.

    After that, open the link and you will be redirected to Play Store to see a list of indie games available for download. Keep in mind, the list of indie games are usually updated every month.

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