5 Tricks to Maximize Use of Chrome on Android

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5 Tricks to Maximize Use of Chrome on Android | Android smartphone users must be familiar with the default browser of the operating system, the Chrome. This browser has now become one of the mandatory application available on Android-based devices.

Although it is already known to almost all users of Android, but not all know the easy ways to maximize use Chrome. With a little tinkering, this browser it can provide a better user experience. So, what easier way to maximize the use of Google Chrome?

5 Tricks to Maximize Use of Chrome on Android

Here are five ways to use more leverage Chrome on Android devices as quoted from page Android Pit, on Wednesday (03/22/2017)
  • Speed up the site load time with brotli
    To speed up the load time of a website in Chrome, you can take advantage brotli, a program which was introduced in 2015, it is useful to compress the data of a site to load faster. This program can be used on MacOS, Windows, Linux, including Chrome OS.

    However, to ensure this feature is active, you do need to adjust a bit. As a first step, type chrome: // flags / # enable-brotli in Chrome search page. Once open, the top view content that reads' Brodi Content-Encoding "and select Default to activate it.
  • Add shortcut directly on the site front page
    If you frequently visit a site many times, there is no harm in utilizing the function shortcut (shortcut) in Chrome. So, you can access a site directly from the front page of the Android menu.

    You just do three steps to do so. First open the desired site in Chrome, go to Menu in the upper right, and select the 'Add to Home Screen' to create a shortcut to the site.
  • Sync tabs and favorites on different devices
    This feature is not new, but it is rarely known by Android users. In fact, this feature will greatly help users - particularly those who have more than one device - to access the site from multiple devices at once.

    To do this, you simply go to the settings menu and enable Chrome Sync. Make a similar manner in another device, such as a computer or a smartphone. But be sure to use the same account, search history or sites saved are accessible across devices.
  • Save data directly from Chrome
    For those of you who are often concerned with the consumption of data when opening a site, Chrome actually has an immediate solution without the need to install third-party applications.

    A feature called Data Saver serves to compress the site opened, so that the data consumed is not so big. You can do this by opening Chrome, select Menu, then Settings. Search Data Saver and enable the feature.
  • Start it up Facebook notifications in Chrome
    If you are users who often use Chrome to open up, this feature will be very helpful. So, you will not miss the incoming notification Facebook account.

    You can enable it when you first open up in Chrome by allowing to provide notification. To change it, you can go to Profile Settings Facebook, then select Notifications. Open serrations icon, and select Mobile to make the adjustment.

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